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'A stressful day is when I am not satisfied with my work' - Rahil Azam

Rahil Azam the very versatile actor talks of his great passion for acting and singing in our weekly article on 'Passion and Stress-Buster'...

Published: Sunday,Aug 24, 2008 11:35 AM GMT-06:00
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A stressful day is when I am not satisfied with my work - Rahil Azam
A stressful day is when I am not satisfied with my work - Rahil Azam
What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about acting. Basically I am a kind of person who is passionate about anything and everything. Even for the simple day-to-day matters, I put in 200% and never leave anything half-way.

What fires up your passion?
The eagerness in me to be better than the best fires up my passion!!

How do you succeed in rubbing your passion on to you?
I always believe that I am the best and if I consider myself best, I have to show that in my work. In order to be better than the best, it is very essential to rub my passion on to me and I think my fans and audience are proof to that!!

What do you do in your leisure time?
I sleep and watch movies whenever I am free.

After a hectic and grueling day of shoot, what do you normally do?
I am not an outgoing person, so I don’t shoot for more than 10-12 hours a day. A stressful day for me is when I am not satisfied with my work. There have been occasions when I have worked really well for 20 hours non-stop without getting tired at all.

If say, you are totally stressed out, what will you do to ease out?
I love to sing and in case I am totally stressed, I go to a karaoke place called Merlin at Orchid Hotel and I sing till 3 in the morning.

If given a choice will you take singing as your profession?
Not really; I am good at so many things, but can’t take that as my profession. I know horse riding, and that does not mean I can become a jockey. I have not taken part in a reality show, but maybe in future, I can take up a singing show!!

Do you think meditation is useful?
It surely is, but I have never tried that. I have heard many telling me to start with meditation. I know it is useful, so maybe I will start it in the near future.

Do you read books?
I don’t read books, but whenever I read I opt for biographies of any known personality which will be of help to me.

Do you believe that Yoga is the biggest stress buster?
Yes I do believe!! But I have never taken it up. I exercise a lot and according to me, any kind of exercise is a good stress reliever.

According to you, what do you consider your biggest stress buster?
It’s very difficult to say, but after a long day, a cup of tea will relieve me of my stress.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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miggie @miggie 15 years ago thanks, he is a very good actor, i hope he come as swayam soon
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Aphrodite @Showbizz 15 years ago he looks like Raja , shweta tiwari's husband
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brownies @brownies 15 years ago Hes hot! I love him as Swayam...hope he comes back soon!
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Anila @Annu.. 15 years ago thnxx
good actor, looks good in -ve roles
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Prii @SweetButSpicy 15 years ago awwhhh mah man on Telly-Newz...
damnn u love watching movies in ur free time too.. me too..lolz.. love u man!
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