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A special chit chat with the happening duo Vishal Shekhar - part 1

Vishal is the new kid on the block on the Bollywood music scene. He and his partner Shekhar have taken the industry by storm. We present a special tete-tete with the talented Vishal in the Part 1 segment.

Vishal-Shekhar are the current happening duo of the bollywood films.

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Vishal Dadlani of Vishal-Shekhar fame has composed music for big names in Bollywood like Salaam Namaste and Dus. Their popular song "Tu Hain Aasman Mein" From Jhankaar Beats earned them the Filmfare RD Burman Award For New Talent. Vishal is also the vocalist of one of Mumbai’s hottest rock bands called Pentagram and was also a VJ at Channel V. These days he with Shekhar are the mentors of the Hit Gharana on Zee's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa C-2007.

We Caught up with Vishal who is one among the Duo and this is what he had to say for our questions:

1. What do you think is the best composition of yours till date and why? And who do you think is the best singer in today's era.

I love all our songs, and there are so many that are special to me. Off the top of my head, tujhe chand chahiye is one of my personal favourites, since the entire mukhda, tune and words were formed while I was asleep! I woke up with the song ready! That was truly surreal! Ofcourse, everything from Jhankaar Beats is a favourite, Dus is a favourite, Bluffmaster is a favourite, Salaam Namaste is a favourite, Honeymoon Travels is a favourite. Of the current ones, Om Shanti Om is a favaurite, so is Tashan, as well as Aladdin, plus Cash and De Taali. The best singerin , in this era, and every era, is still Kishore Kumar!

2. How do you train the contestants and how are you able to allocate time inspite of busy schedule.

Apart from the time we spend with them, there are two tremendous musicians, Mukeshji and Sanjayji, who are the music directors for the show. Most of the hard work is put in by them! We meet the participants, hear the tunes they've prepared, correct them to the best of our knowledge. Honestly, our schedule is pretty tight, but we meet them as often as we can, and we try and contribute as much as we can.

3. How does it feel like being a mentor of a Gharana? Is this experience new to you? Tell us more about this experience.

I'm very awkward with it. To be a teacher, one must know one's subject! Which I can never

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claim, since I am a purely instinctive musician. I just tell them what I know, i.e. about pitching or performance.

4. How is it different working with the band Pentagram and as a duo with Shekhar?

Pentagram defines who I am as a person. My need to find something new all the time comes from Pentagram. My self-assurance, my confidence comes from Pentagram, from having played all over the world with them for fourteen years. Vishal and Shekhar's music for films is pretty path-breaking, but is still tempered by the story and the director's vision of the film. Pentagram is nobody’s vision but ours, so in that sense it's a more purely creative pursuit, and the music Pentagram makes is totally radical! I would love everyone who reads this to go and hear a Pentagram song called 'Voice'. It's turned into a huge anthem for college kids, and I'm thrilled with that!

5. Who is the better singer - Vishal or Shekhar??

Probably Shekhar. Possibly Vishal. 

Vishal has transformed from being a part of the western band Pentagram to the bollywood music.. We wish Vishal a great success both in this bollywood industry and also as in Pentagram.. Watch out for Shekhar's interview for which we will be back soon..

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