A spark in the car turns out to be a huge loss for Sachin Shroff

A spark in his car turned out to be the cause of a major loss for Sachin Shroff. More details about the robbery incident that hit Sachin very badly..

‘Bad Luck Always Strikes Big Time’, is a saying that has certainly proved right for Sachin Shroff. Sachin has been in the limelight, ever since he returned from his memorable Mauritius trip, where he was thronged by fans. But now, it seems like, he is at the receiving end.

Recently, Sachin was driving down with his mother to a doctor, when few men on the road, told him that his car was sparking. Sachin ignored this, and drove away; just to get stopped little further, by another mob of men, who said the same thing. He again gave a deaf ear and moved ahead, to be stopped for the third time for the same reason. A worried Sachin got out of the car to check his car bonnet; but little did he know that he was trapped by a gang which stole his entire music system from the car.

Telly Buzz reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt caught up with Sachin, who says, “I was on my way to Bandra, and this guy came and told me that there was a spark in my car. Normally, a person would get worried, hearing about the spark in his car, but then I just thought that fine, I’ll check it later. A little bit further, two guys told me again that they could see sparks. And then at the signal, another guy said that there were sparks coming out of my car. Then I realized that no, may be something is definitely wrong. I got off the car, and went to check under the car, and saw nothing there. I turned around to ask the guy that where did he see the spark, but then I didn’t see him there, and when I went in the car, I saw the music system of the car missing.”

When asked if he did something about the incident, Sachin replied, “No, I was taking my mom to the hospital, and I was just not in the frame of mind to do anything about it. And come on, there are so many cases already registered about such robberies. I want the people to be aware about things like this, that happen in everyday life. I’ve learned to be cautious from now on, and would advise everyone to take care.”

Well, Beware Mumbai-ites, take care of your belongings whenever you are out. As for Sachin, we can only feel sad for this huge loss that he had to bear. But yes, thanks Sachin for advising all to take care..

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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I agree with SRK. The Indian film industry needs to stop thinking about crossover films.

The Indian film industry needs to take charge and compete with Hollywood not aspire to become like it.

16 years ago

I'm a big fan of srk but I don't agree with him on make indian films short. The songs are 4-10 minutes long, if the movie has 4 songs, what movie do we got, it's just a mini movie with songs on it... NOT good thinking SRK

16 years ago

omg.. that's terrible! its good that neither he nor his mom were hurt in this.

16 years ago

Siddhi_ Thumbnail



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16 years ago

sachins mom was in the car so didn't she scream or call sachin. it doesn't add up.

16 years ago

Aww, poor guy! He was on such a high after the Gold Awards, now this happens... totally sucks!

16 years ago

Sachin Shroff said he was taking his mother to the hospital which means his mother was in the car when the robbers robbed the music system from car.Did'nt she scream ect something doesnt make sense here.


16 years ago

omg!!!! that was sooo bad!!! how could they?? stealing a music system?? how sad can one get?!!!

16 years ago

idiots i cant believe peps can stoop so low

but as 4 S poor guy

16 years ago

omg.. i think this is the same gang which stole divyanka's car's music system as well. i guess divyanka & sachin were both targeted by the same gang. it's just sachin came face to face with them while divyanka didn't.

16 years ago

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