A Rendezvous with Hussein and Tina Kuwajerwala...

Hussein Kuwajerwala and Tina Kuwajerwala 's exclusive interview on India-Forums Telly Buzz...

Hussein Kuwajerwala aka Sumit has played the very loyal son, husband and father for years now in Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan...The wonderful actor and dancer Hussein and his wife Tina also share a very nice rapport with the members of India-Forums...

Here is an excerpt from the candid and cute Video Interview of Hussein and his better-half Tina Kuwajerwala, exclusively for India-Forums..

You have been a part of india-forums.com/tellybuzz, interacted with your fans and read the feedback received. How does it feel to receive so much appreciation and adulation?
Tina: It feels great. I interact with many of the members quite often. For me it’s a one on one relationship with them. Hussein, unfortunately, does not get the time to visit the site, though he would love to log on and chat with his fans. I am like the mediator between him and his fans. I pass along all the messages back and forth.

Hussein: Yeah that’s true. Tina passes along all the messages to me. What’s good, what’s bad, what’s happening in Kumkum, am I doing my scenes right, am I not doing them right etc. To be very honest, I am shocked and surprised at the same time very happy, that over the last one-year, India-Forums has grown so much. People actually look up to the site since they get a good response from their fans. And it’s not only the good stuff they have to say about us. They do criticize us at times, which is also very good.

What makes india-forums.com/tellybuzz different from other television news sites?
I think it’s very personal when you have the star talking directly to you. The best thing about Telly Buzz is that they say it as it is. The words of the actors are not minced. Many other television news sites sometimes put up news about us that we have never said or done.

Hussein: Yeah what Tina is actually trying to say is that, what we say, what is written on india-forums is the same, and it is very nice because many a times today, you say something and people take a completely different meaning. However, that does not happen on india-forums.

Hussein, you have played the role of Sumeet for the last six years; how does it feel playing a character your own age in Kumkum?
Wonderful, there is no better word that can describe how I feel. It is rebirth in the actual sense. It a re-incarnation not only in the story track but also for all of us as actors too. Not that I had anything against playing the character but I used to feel a bit odd when actors my age used to address me as their father and touch feet and take blessings from me. I am not a father right now, so it becomes very difficult to essay the role of one and specially when you have a 25 year-old son. Moreover, as an actor, I don’t think I have the potential to play the character of 50 year old man at the age of 30.

Tina, how did you go about designing his clothes and hairstyle for Kumkum?
Actually, B.A.G productions and Rajesh Chadda, the producer asked me if I could design his clothes for Kumkum as they had seen me design his wardrobe for Indian Idol. They thought I could make him look different for the new character. And I am not his designer per se, I am just his stylist as I help pick up the outfits he has to wear in the show. Then they asked me to do it professionally so I had no problem. Frankly, I was bored of his Sumeet Wadhwa look and fed up of seeing him in only grays, whites and blacks. Therefore, I decided to get him dressed in bright colors, got him to grow his hair and colored it a bit too. We added some accessories to the clothes to give it a slight funky look. And that’s how we went about designing his new look for Kumkum.

Message to your fans.
Hussein: Thank you very much for all the love and support you have been giving both of us right from the time I have been in Kumkum until the time we were in Nach Baliye. We hope that you continue to give us the same love and support in the years to come and we promise that we will do our best and continue to entertain you all.

Tina: And I promise that I will be back on the forum very soon and chat with all you lovely people out there.

To which Hussein adds, I will give all my replies and messages to Tina who will convey them across to you guys as it is difficult for me to come online and chat with all of you.

Tina: india-forums/telly buzz rocks and we wish all of you all the very best for the future.

To get a glimpse of the whole Video Interview of the lovely duo, click here..

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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Tina Kuwajerwala

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love to see them here. I always adore them as a couple and Love Hussein in everything he does!!!

With Indian Idol season 4 closing on March 1st and with the news of Kumkum to go off air very soon i''m really in a dilema as to where to catch hussein in Action

14 years ago

HuTi are so adorable. Thye are looking so cute in the pic!!

15 years ago

lovely interview by the adorable couple HuTi.

Hu does know to sing he has sung with huju in spa jodi of 2005 and then later in pkp, and recently in yhj and now in this interview

15 years ago

How sweet of them.... Tina is always a sweet link b/w Husein and his fans..

They are the sweetest coupleeee

15 years ago

They are soo sweet!!! Thnx alot!!! il always love thm!!!!!! such a nice pair!!!

15 years ago

Such a nice pair
good to know tina is in touch with Hussain's fans

15 years ago

soo sweet of dem dey r such a nice pair. n hussain nt only listen 2 his appreciation n also mistakes he made by his fans

15 years ago

awww hussein-tina are always so cute...love them

15 years ago

They both are extremely cute! and make such a nice pair! god bless them!
thanks for the interview! :)

15 years ago

Good interview.....when does tina come online? does she come in kumkum forum?

15 years ago

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