'A private candle light dinner will be the best' - Juhi Parmar

Juhi Parmar talks about her plans for Sachin's birthday and the gift she wishes to get from him for her birthday, as the much-in-love couple await a dual celebration the coming week...

Juhi Parmar is quite looking forward to the coming week as it includes not only her birthday, but also of her would-be Sachin Shroff as well. Juhi celebrates her birthday on 14th December while Sachin’s birthday is on 17th December.

“It will not be a joint celebration for sure.  Sachin has planned something for me, but he wants to keep it a secret. As for his birthday, I feel Sachin would love a beautiful private candle dinner. I am very lucky to have got a romantic guy, a tough proposition to find these days”, quips the actress.

On the type of gift she would want, Juhi says, “Anything he gives me is fine. It's the thought that matters more than the item”. But as a woman, would you not want precious stones from the man you love? “I do love diamonds, but the ring I am looking forward to these days is the wedding ring”, quips Juhi with a grin.

So how are the preparations going for the D-day back home? “My family in Jaipur is totally engrossed in getting things done for the wedding. But sadly I have not yet got the time to even make my trousseau”, says the bride-to-be. Don't you think you guys could have had a low key wedding given the current scenario?  “Had the wedding been earlier, I would have toned it down. Plus my entire family and friends are really looking forward to the occasion, right from Haldi, mehendi to sangeet, and I would not want them to give up on their moment”, avers the actress.

So why did you choose the date of 15th February? “I purposely did not keep it on Valentines day, as I did not want to mix the two events. This way in the coming years, we can celebrate both Valentine's day and our wedding anniversary back to back”, expresses Juhi.

Juhi is honest enough to admit that she is getting the pre-wedding jitters. “But I think every thing should work out, for we love each other so much”, adds she.  Don't you think you could have had more courtship time before taking the big leap? “Although we have not been together for too long, we have known each other for quite a while now.  We fell in love and then approached our parents for consent, and they gave the green signal”, verbalizes Juhi.

The actress asserts that she will not take a break post marriage. But she did not deny that she too has heard rumors that Kumkum will end soon. “Having said that, I have been hearing the same talks for a long time, but we end up being stronger always. I hope even this time it's the same”, she says.

Coming to her latest show Chhote Miyan on COLORS, Juhi says anchoring a reality show is much easier than participating. “You don't get the jitter bug and sleepless nights before elimination”, quips Juhi.

“One of the main reasons for choosing this talent show was that for the first time, we will be having a competition to choose the best child stand-up artist. These kids are good and full of confidence”, she adds. 

On the judges, she says Rahul Mahajan is very popular amongst children. Both Rahul and Sachin ji are very careful to make sure that they don't say anything which hurts the children.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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As clock strikes 1200 in India wishing Juhi a very Happy Birthday and love success and all her dreams and wishes be fulfilled

Sachin is definitely having a lot of surprises in store for Juhi

read his page of his personal diary in another site

thanks ambreen for the article

4 gifts from world over


starting from the start as the clock strikes 12 14 Dec 00hrs

15 years ago

hey nice article...so i hope juhi gets her wedding ring soon and also i do hope kk dont comt to an end and also she do her best in choote miyan...

15 years ago

okkkkkkkkkk for all tht &whtever but for now idont want to go off air kumkum ..............tum tho meri lunch ke khaane mein acchaar jise bas gaye hoon i cant ....see u ending .....

pls someon e say to me tht kumkum is not ending

15 years ago

how sweet of juhi;) very nice interview
15 feb oh im just waiting to see her pics in real life bridal dress ;-)
God bless their jodi

15 years ago

awwwwwwwwww a candle light dinner.......sounds so romantic..........wish u a very-very happy birthday juhi and sacchin.........god bless sacchin and juhi

15 years ago

awwwww such a cute interview and so honest...Juhi is the best..God bless Juhi and Sachin with all the luck and happiness in the world...And wow can´t wait to see Juhi anchor in Chhote Miyan...

and yes Juhi is right..Kk will become stronger..the serial can´t end like this...we can never get enough of Kumkum..Kumkum is my life.. All the best to Juhi for her new show..and long life Kumkum...have a gr8 day on the Birthday´s Juhi...

15 years ago

that''s really sweet of juhi for being honest... about everything she talks... thnx for the interview... its lovely

15 years ago

i know tht both have their bday in same week
happy bday to both of them
i am so happy tht both will be having a candle light dinner
i am wishing them both all the best for their marriage
i agree with ju abt kk
they have been many rumours abt it in past also
and i too hope tht like before kk comes back stronger
may god bless their couple

15 years ago

Thanks ! Hope they bother have a wonderful birthday

15 years ago

Lovely interview.. Thanks. Great that Sachin & Juhi celebrate their birthdays in the same week :-) Makes it a whole week of celebration every year henceforth..

15 years ago

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