A definite ranking of our #InstantKhichdi characters!

The 'Pagal Parekh' family who made up our Epic #InstantKhichdi series will always be loved by one and all!

The 'Pagal Parekh' family who made up our Epic #InstantKhichdi series will always be loved by one and all! It is one show which till today is most remembered by our youth, as well as our elder folk too! So here is a definite ranking of our favourite #InstantKhichdi characters in order! :D

1. Hansa Parekh (Supriya Pathak):

Mrs.Hansa Parekh will always top our list in any definite ranking case, and we are sure you guys will agree too! Such an EPIC character she was na? Nobody will ever be able to match up to Hansa's unique ways! Her 'Praful What Is' & 'Hello How-Ar Khaana Kha Ke Jaana Ha' and her Ghajre's of course, were just part of the double treat to watch this superb lady on screen! So yes, she is the very first one of the Parekh lot whom we will always love!

2. Praful Parekh (Rajeev Mehta):

There can and will never be a Hansa without Praful and vice versa, hence Praful is the second favourite on our list! And no doubt he had to be! I mean he was always Babuji's Gadha, but still so Epic na!? And his all time famous line 'Babuji Main Hoon Na Main', will always be famous, because ha he was always there! #WeHeartPrafulParekh! :D

3. Himanshu Seth (J D Majethia):

Hansa's awesome brother, who always felt that 'Kisi Ko Kuch Pata Nahi Chalega!'. Oh he definitely was one unique character whose obsession with cooking and various masalas and food was even more interesting! He was Badi Ben's Epic Chota Bhai whom we will always always be our huge favourite!

4. Babuji Tulsidas Parekh (Anang Desai):

The sanest member of the Parekh family whose head was just in the right place! But still made us all roll on the floor with laughter! Oh my, he was the only one would could convince Praful that he was a Gadha, and of course handle his 2 Epic daughter-in-laws Jayashree and Hansa! The perfect grandfather to his grandchildren, he was the ideal Babuji anybody could have!

5. Jayshree Parekh (Vandana Pathak):

Babuji's other awesome daughter-in-law Jayshree who was always on the lookout for a kaam wali bai which she used to constantly crib about, to her Baa! And she would always successfully succeed in getting Babuji his chai before he could bahar se mangaon it! And of course she was the only one who could control Praful and Hansa's epic english language speaking! So #WeLoveJayshree! 

6. Jacky & Chakki (Yash Mittal & Richa Bhadra):
Both Jacky & Chakki who were a little better off than their 'Bade Log' were equally Epic, so they'e both together on our list! The coolest children who were the only ones who could put the 'Pagal Parekh' family in place! And of course all the funniest things they had to go through for that! So #WeLoveJackyChakki!

7. Bhavesh Kumar (Kamlesh Oza):

Kaam ka toh naam bhi nahi pata tha Bhavesh Kumwar ko, leken Khane ka toh ha ji ha! Bhavesh Kumarrr Bhavesh Kumarrr, the jamai raja of the Parekh family was and will always be the most unique and awesome character ever! His ever lasting love for food and no work at all was the funniest and will always be!! So #WeLoveBhaveshkumar! 

This is our definite ranking of our #InstantKhichdi characters! Tell us about yours too! :D

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one of the best show ever
thats what we call a quality family clean comedy unlike today's vulgur comedy

8 years ago

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