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A Cop with a Difference : Satyadev Tiple Strikes a Chord with Viewers!

The Man with a Striking Personality, Nimay Bali is Busy these days playing a Cop in Two serials.. How does he manage to play contrasting characters with the same ease? Let us find out from the Actor himself...

Published: Tuesday,Jul 03, 2007 12:12 PM GMT-06:00
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A Cop with a Difference : Satyadev Tiple Strikes a Chord with Viewers!
Tall and Handsome, the hard working Nimay Bali has shown the Audience that he can play any role offered, with the same ease and finesse. The Actor is currently seen essaying the role of a Cop in two serials that are on air, Star Plus Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan and Sony’s Ek Ladki Anjaani Si… Well, are you forced to think why he accepted the same kind of a role… The Answer is plain and simple – He plays a Honest Cop in Ek Ladki Anjaani Si, while he is brutal and corrupt in Kumkum.. Get to know more from Nimay Bali, the Cop with a Difference….

What made you take up the role of a Cop in both ELAS as well as Kumkum?

Well, I play a Honest, sophisticated cop in ELAS. The cop I play here, Amit is very sophisticated and stylish, more or less in Hollywood Style. Amit has a stud on in his ear, is seen in jeans and buckle boots.

But Satyadev Tiple in Kumkum is totally the opposite. He is a typical Marathi cop with an accent indicating that he has had an upbringing in a village. He looks totally different from Amit of ELAS…

How do you feel playing the corrupted cop in Kumkum?

It feels great to play Satyadev Tiple.. I really enjoy doing this role. I have to do a good job, there is lots of competition in the industry and Survival of the Fittest happens. There are so many new people coming into the industry now, so we should give our best and let the TRPs speak…

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A Cop with a Difference : Satyadev Tiple Strikes a Chord with Viewers!
Your dialogue delivery and your mannerisms and sarcasm as Inspector Tiple seem to throw a punch. So how did you manage to do this? Did you work a lot on the dialect?

Yes, I had to do my part of the research.. The character of Tiple always says that he is from Satara. Fortunately for me, I have lots of friends in Satara, so I took their help to get my language and dialect right. Actually I was playing a honest cop in CID for 3 long years.. But nobody notices you when you are good.. So its nice that Satyadev Tiple got noticed for his wickhedness.. (laughs).

The dialogues of Satyadev Tiple are really out of the world, strong and hard hitting, filled with sarcasm?

Actually I should thank BAG for giving me full freedom to change dialogues, add the required punches to it.. They have given me a free hand, and I thank them for it. I edit dialogues and add punchlines here and there.. Even when I talk a phrase in typical Marathi, I see to it that I give the meaning out in Hindi too. I add in my own mannerisms to the character, I remove my cap and place it while talking.. I rotate my stick as and when the dialogues get intense..

Can you give us some trademark Dialogues of yours…

(Laughs)…Meen puncha maazaa nao Satyadev Tiple,. Mukaam post Rehmatpur, talukaa koregaon, jilla satara…. This is my introductory dialogue in the serial and this has become a punchline for me… Even when Kumkum was arrested, I repeated this dialogue…

Mera naam Tiple yaani ‘Tip’ Le….

Another favourite of mine is - Hamare marathi main kahawat hain madam, varun kirtan anni aatun tamasha… This means andar se kuch aur , baahar se kuch aur..

Which has been your favourite scene in Kumkum?

The scene in Police Station with Sumit and Nivi where I tell, maine dekha hai, kuch lafda chal raha hai tum logon ke beech main…

So how do you manage to get this change into your acting, now that you are shooting for both serials?

It gets really tough at times, because I hardly get any time to move away from the Marathi accent and get into the shoes of the honest Amit in ELAS. On some days, I hardly get a break of 15 minutes between the shot for Kumkum and ELAS, because the 2 shooting spots are very closeby..

How is it working with the unit of Kumkum?

Its very nice.. I love working with Husein, Juhi and Shweta.. When I went to shoot my very first scene, I never had that anxiety in me, because people like Husein, Aron Bali and Paritosh made me feel so comfortable on the sets..

What is in store for Tiple of Kumkum and Amit in ELAS…

I am on and off in ELAS.. I will be shown for some more time. Tiple started off as a Cameo, but the audience have liked it so much that my track has now been extended. So watch out for more of Tiple in the coming days…

Any more projects in the pipeline..

Yes, I will tell you in few days…

Well, this only spells more danger to the Jodi of Kumkum and Sumit!!. But yes, a Big applause to Nimay for carrying out the role of Tiple with so much grace and attitude.. Wish this devoted actor best of luck for his future projects…

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago i liked him in CID SB and ELAS aswell!
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Anastacia @Anastacia 16 years ago He did a wonderful job in CID SB and ELAS.
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DON't-ASK-IT @Sara_DONT_ASK 16 years ago Inspector....'Tip Le' aur Kumkum ko chod dey...!!! :))

He is a good actor...seen him in KK....doing a good job..!!
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Shaitaan Anu @diyafah 16 years ago oh yes..I love his marathi accent...it's reallyy too gud!!!
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sallu_lover @sallu_lover 16 years ago thanks for sharing
man he is soo good i hope to see him more in cid/cidsb
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Naina @sumonetolub 16 years ago thanx.........hes doing a great job but still........go away.........unless you help sukk..........naina
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Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago awww such an awesum interview...his marathi bang on....and surely he adds spice to the show :)

wishing him all d best
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Ekta @Eksie 16 years ago Awesome intv.. Thanks Sree :)

Truly..Nimay Bali is doing an amazing job as Tiple in Kumkum. He is just so amusing.. doesn't matter that he is negative. And his Marathi..omggg..its soo good!

Awww..he loves working with Husein, Juhi & Shweta.. Awesommme!
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Hiral @hiral_anju0930 16 years ago Good job Sree di...
loved the chit chat...
the marathi sentences he said made me fall off my chair laughing...
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