7 contestants who dared to go BALD on Bigg Boss

The list of contestants and their reasons for going bald are amazing...

Staying true to its concept, the Bigg Boss house is definitely high on controversies, fights, romance, gossip and drama. And with each passing season, the show is getting spicier, messier, bolder and deadlier. This season has enlightened us with different shades of various contestants where we have got to see their ugly, emotional and aggressive side. Well, that's exactly what Bigg Boss house is all about.

And like every season, this year also, we got to see the sacrificing-for-nomination task wherein Bigg Boss asked contestants to sacrifice something in order to save the other inmates and their friends. In light of this, Priyank Sharma took the plunge and dared to get his head shaved off to save Hiten Tejwani from the upcoming nominations. Surprising but true. But hold on... Because this is not the first time that a contestant has gone bald in the show. The show has witnessed 7 (including Priyank) contestants going bald and it's truly mind-boggling!

So lets take you through a list of people who sacrificed their true luxury i.e. hair in the Bigg Boss House:

1. Apurva Agnihotri (Season 7): The first time the viewers witnessed contestants going bald in the Bigg Boss house was during Season 7. But what made Apurva take such a huge step? Well, for one of the luxury budget tasks, the house was divided into two groups were made of which Armaan Kohli and Asif were in the rival team of doctors who were asked to give actor Apurva Agnihotri and wrestler Sangram Singh (who were in the patients team), a punk haircut. Following which, both the contestants readily agreed to do the task in order to win points for their team.

2. Sangram Singh (Season 7): After Apurva Agnihotri, Sangram Singh also went ahead and did the punk style for the task. Post the task, they both emerged as winners and were praised by the audience as well as the house mates.

3.Diandra Soares (Season 8): Indian Model Diandra Soares shocked the audiences when she sported the bald look, out of nowhere. She did not do it for a task, but because she wasn't keeping well.

4. Aman Verma (Season 9): Aman Verma who was also a part of the Bigg Boss season 9, went bald for a hotel task. The house was divided into the guests and the staff team respectively. Ali and Sana Khan who were in the guests team demanded that Aman Verma who is from the staff's team goes bald. And the actor didn't hesitate at all and went ahead to perform the task. This move grabbed many eyeballs and it was also seen that the actor was full praise for his new bald look.

5.Prince Narula (Season 9): Prince Narula who is popularly known for his charms and good looks, had also sacrificed his hair for a luxury budget task. During the task, the opposite team targeted him and asked him to shave his hair to retain the luxury budget. The Splitsvilla fame went ahead and sportingly did it. His new look became quite the rage in the media.

6. Priyank Sharma (Season 11): The current Bigg Boss season saw the same task yet again but with a twist. Splitsvilla fame and hunk Priyank Sharma who has garnered limelight for his love life, recently shaved off his hair for co-housemate Hiten Tejwani to save him from the nominations. This too made the headlines and went viral on social media.

7. Akash Dadlani (Season 11): Rapstar Akash Dadlani popularly known as Akash also went bald in order to save Bandagi from the nominations. Initially, he didn't agree but Puneesh and Bandagi convinced him hard to shave his head off.

Woah! these contestants are really sporty. Let us know what do you think in the comment section below:

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