6 Shades of Grey (Pastel to Brights), As Worn by The Doctors of Grey's Anatomy!

As Grey's Anatomy bids farewell to Justin Chambers aka Alex Karev, we have rounded up style of these health care professionals ( in grey, of course). The 'stylish' doctors will see you now. Come in...

Greys Anatomy

Ever since it’s first episode that aired in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has put the viewers on a roller coaster ride. Be it with its arsenal of extremely good looking doctors, suave surgeons, intense survival drama, make-out sessions in the stairways to these medical humans lusting after one another, the show has always kept their audience on the edge of their couch. However, today we are not looking at what happens in the show but it’s characters’ off-duty style that is grey or in the shade of grey.

The show's main protagonist, Ellen Pompeo aka Dr Meredith Grey wearing a grey tee with GREY written on it. Ellen adds a fun element with a grey pompom headband. 

Allen Pompeo

Jessica Capshaw aka Arizona Robbins wearing a grey knit jacket and a white inner. She paired it with silver printed pants and looked absolutely adorable in gorgeous grey ensemble.

Jessica Capshaw

Model turned actress, Katherine Heigl aka Izzie Stevens wearing a grey knit jumper clubbed with a dark denim. She finished it with a silver choker and high ballerina bun. Pretty!   

Katherine Heigl

Sandra Oh aka Cristina Yang, is seen in a charcoal grey dotted coordinated set. Sandra styled it with her classic curls and a subtle earthy makeup.

Sandra oh

As Grey's Anatomy bids farewell to Justin Chambers aka Alex Karev we look at this handsome doctor dressed in grey suit for the cover of a magazine. Suave!

Justin Chambers

Patrick Dempsey aka Derek Shepherd wearing a charcoal grey color jeans and coat, off-set with a black sweater. Just one of the looks that justifies as to why Meredith Grey has been crushing on him since forever!

Patrick Dempsey

Which of the Grey's Anatomy character is nailing their grey outfit? Let us know your answers in the comments below...

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