5 Reasons why 'Becoming Elizabeth' on Lionsgate Play is a must watch

Watch the historical drama revolving around the life of reigning queen Becoming Elizabeth on Lionsgate Play.

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Most hailed, loved and respected, that's what you know of the longest reigning monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth. But she is the queen you know and the girl you don’t. ‘Becoming Elizabeth ', a historical drama, based on the Extraordinary reign and the turbulent life of queen Elizabeth is all set to premiere in India on 26th August exclusively on Lionsgate Play. Helmed by Anya Reiss, starring Alicia von Rittberg along with Romola Garai, in lead roles, the series is a fascinating chaos of struggle for power, packed with mystical facts and captivating drama. Here are 5 reasons why you must watch ‘Becoming Elizabeth’. 

The historical context

Exploring the teenage years of Queen Elizabeth, the series is a mixture of historical facts and a jaw-dropping drama. Set in a troubled period in history, between civil war and religious conflicts, the Tudor dynasty is also synonymous with the revival of England, therefore the historical narrative makes the show even more gripping and exciting.

Captivating storyline

From the turbulent teenage years to her struggles to secure the crown, as the queen is embodied in the politics of the English court, the plots keep you hooked. The series follows interesting twists and turns, with exhilarating drama and unknown facts about the reigning Queen, making you want for more with each new episode.

A perfect cast

To tell the story of the future queen of England, the cast of Becoming Elizabeth has been carefully thought of. The series stars Alicia von Rittberg in the lead role, Romola Garai as Mary Tudor and Oliver Zetterström as Edward; each shine bright in their respective roles unfolding.

Created and written by award-winning playwright and television screenwriter Anya Reiss

Becoming Elizabeth is the very first series created by Anya Reiss. After presenting her works in the biggest London theaters, and writing for the EastEnders and Ackley Bridge series, this is the first television fiction by her. The director combines words and images to perfection to keep you hooked to your screen.

Insights into the life of Queen Elizabeth

The longest reigning queen of England has an untold story that is brought to light in this series. Long before she ascended the throne, Becoming Elizabeth gives you an inroad to the teenage years of Queen Elizabeth.. Such an unheard story with interesting facts about England's most loved queen, makes it a perfect binge worthy show.                

‘Becoming Elizabeth’ is premiering in India on 26th August exclusively on Lionsgate Play.

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