5 Reasons to watch Bruce Willis starrer 'White Elephant' on Lionsgate Play

A fascinating blend of action and emotions - Here are five reasons why White Elephant definitely deserves your time.

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White Elephant

Directed by Jesse V. Johnson, White Elephant is a crime-action thriller with elements of mystery that will keep you hooked to your screen. The film narrates a story about trust, friendship, fear, respect, and betrayal as it follows Gabriel Tancredi (Michael Rooker), a mob enforcer who doesn’t mind going to brutal lengths for his boss and friend, played by Bruce Willis. With rival gangs making moves, every step Tancredi takes threatens lives, including his own.  In a quest to eliminate all threats and to save lives, Gabriel leaves no stone unturned to prove himself. 

Tale of a reluctant hero, with a fascinating blend of action and gush of emotions, Here are five reasons why White Elephant is a must watch. 

1. Power-packed action thriller  

White Elephant, with its high body-count and its many action sequences, is a pulpy action fanfare. The shootouts are well-executed and thrilling - Action packed fights, kills and survivals will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. 

2. An emotional ride 

What's remarkable about White Elephant is how the film takes the idea of conflict and applies it to both, internal and external conflict of the characters. There are emotional stakes for each of the main characters. Gabriel is an ex-Marine, whose personal code of honor instills a sort of internal conflict with the work he's doing for Arnold. This sort of tough character with a heart of gold, makes you empathize with the character.

3. Talented ensemble cast

The film brings to light an ensemble of one of the finest talents from lead actors to supporting cast, every performance leaves a lasting mark. Rooker excels at translating Gabriel's conflict and Bruce Willis as Arnold does justice to the part. 

4. Directed by Jesse V. Johnson 

Jesse V. Johnson masters in creating a cinematic spectacle. He has worked as a stuntman himself and since his time, Johnson has written and directed nearly two dozen films, as outlined by Ultimate Action Movies, cementing his presence in contemporary action cinema. 

5. Gripping plot 

An ardent mob, string of threats and conflict, makes the movie very captivating. Not just that, Johnson and co-screenwriter Erik Martinez have crafted a story that includes characters you care about and believe in, and want to see make it to the end. 

Lionsgate Play began exclusively streaming Bruce Willis starrer White Elephant on 2nd September 2022.

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