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5 of the most epic wildcard entries in Bigg Boss!

Wild cards in Bigg Boss are intended to bring some action...

Published: Tuesday,Nov 24, 2015 11:12 AM GMT-07:00
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Wild cards in Bigg Boss are intended to bring some action in the house. They are meant to increase the shows' viewership and also bring a new twist of events in the show. And it all begins with how the wildcards enter the house in a completely unique way. Here are 5 of the best wildcard entries in Bigg Boss in the past few seasons.

1.       Rishabh Sinha.

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Rishabh entered the Bigg Boss house with a bang! He had a wedding band along with him that played the vintage 'DON' theme song. He was the first wild card entry of this season and took the housemates on a spin.


2.       Kamaal R Khan.

The Deshdrohi actor first entered the house as a contestant but was soon evicted by Bigg Boss on account of the usage of violence. He later came back into the house in a very dramatic way. His entry started with a warning bell and later on a rocket ship descended in the house with lots of flashy lights. Out of the rocket ship came a spaceman dressed in a silver suit who stayed in the suit for a while making the contestants wondering who he was. He later revealed himself and the housemates were shocked! No doubt he came back in a spaceship. After all, some people call him an alien!


3.       Ali Quli Mirza.

Ali was a wildcard in season 8 of the show. Ali came in the middle of the night where a few dancers entered the house while his most popular song was being played. The dancers escorted all the contestants to the garden area where the door opened and Ali entered the house on a flashy white ATV motorcycle. The house mates were surprised to see him.


4.       The Great Khali.

Just another lazy day in the Bigg Boss house and the main door is sealed with a painting of a brick wall. At first the contestants thought that it would be a part of a task but soon Punjabi pop music started playing and there was a punch straight through the brick wall. The contestants were shocked to see the height of the punch and they guessed it right that it would be The Great Khali who emerged by breaking the brick wall.


5.       Puneet Vashistha.

Puneet Vashistha entered the house in a way that spooked everyone! He started playing a small Djembe and chanting Shiva mantras in a very creepy tone. He soon started playing the Djembe along with singing and the inmates were seen doing a trippy dance. Puneet was seated in the confession with very dim lighting which hid his face. He entered the house and every one was surprised to see him.

Whom do you think had the best wildcard entry in Bigg Boss? Comment Below!

Atharva Lobo. 

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Yuvika_15 7 years ago I have to admit I did like puneet's entry especially the singing etc.
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MJHTMonayaSajan 7 years ago How can we forget Mr. Imam from season 6 :P
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Vsoujanya 7 years ago Dimpy was a great wildcard entry! She was super smart in her game! :)
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