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3 days of shoot halts at Survivor Island!

Nature shows its ugly face, storm lashes out the Survivor Island...

The promos of a cyclone hitting the islands on Star Plus' Survivor India-The Ultimate Battle are on. The audience would get to see the disastrous cyclone tonight. But we bring you some more insider information on the same.

A little birdie informs, "Actually, there was a task of throwing fire balls in the buckets during the rain storm and while traveling from one place to another all the contestants have to put a blind on their eyes. But as the rain storm increased, the crew members decided to remove them as the storm was taking a wild turn. Somehow the task was completed with extra fuel and kerosene."

"One of the technical boats flooded away in the water and 3 days there was no shooting at all. All the contestants were made to stay away from the islands until the cyclone set. They were restricted from going back to the island as it was totally destructed," adds the source.

We hear that even after this problem, the Catans won the battle.

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar


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MrRockySingh 8 years ago Surviour of Star Plus has not been accepted by people as last week it was out of Top 100 of TAM- TRP chart
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