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'24' most taxing assignment of my career: Anil Kapoor

Actor-producer Anil Kapoor is set to fire bullets, throw punches at the bad guys and engage in stunts in the upcoming TV show "24: Season 2".

Published: Friday,Jun 10, 2016 18:11 PM GMT-06:00
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Actor-producer Anil Kapoor is set to fire bullets, throw punches at the bad guys and engage in stunts in the upcoming TV show "24: Season 2". The 59-year-old, who has been in the film industry for almost four decades, says the Indian adaptation of the popular American TV show is the most taxing project for him so far.

Anil will return as an Anti-Terrorism Squad agent Jai Singh Rathore in the second season of the espionage thriller, which will go on air on Colors from July 17 onwards.

"'24' is the most taxing assignment of my career. Doing a movie is much easier as it's just one movie. This is like eight movies... Eight action films together. That's the difference," Anil told IANS here, after the launch of the action-packed trailer of "24: Season 2".

Talking about the stunts in the show, the "Mr. India" star said: "My body is all bruised. I had to go to a physiotherapist as well. In fact, some of the stuntmen also got injured, but everyone is fit to work relentlessly."

The first season of "24", which also had veteran actors like Shabana Azmi and Anupam Kher, was launched in India in 2013. It's an official adaptation brought to India by Anil, who even worked in the international version of the show.

Isn't he worried that people will lose interest in the show due to such a gap in the seasons?

"When we do this kind of a show, there is a lot of recall value. When you put in so much of effort and commitment, and the content is so strong... Even if it comes out once in two years, people will remember it and will want it back. There are so many sequels to films. They don't come every year. Still people go to see the films.

"'24' is more like a film. We shoot it like a film. The scale and the kind of commitment we have, are no less than a film. When you do this kind of work, it doesn't have to come out every year," said the "Welcome Back" actor.

The content of the finite series was greatly praised by the small screen viewers, but when it comes to other fiction shows with a different storyline, they don't always get a warm welcome. Isn't the audience ready for TV shows beyond 'saas-bahu' dramas?

"They are ready, but we have to give it (shows with different content) again and again. Whatever you do, takes time. I always believe in doing things that challenge me and motivate me... Which I feel passionate about.

"I felt challenged by the show ('24'). I loved the content. I don't care what others think. There's no time for that," said the global star, who refused to take up "an exciting international project" due to his commitment to "24".

The actor, who has featured in Hollywood projects including "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol", has also acquired the rights to American TV series "Modern Family" and "Prison Break" for Indian TV.

"I just like the way they (people in the West) work, their work culture. The content is strong. There is discipline, professionalism... And that's what I love about them. So whatever is good, why can't I pick it up and learn from them and adapt them," he shared when asked about adapting international shows.

And how different are the two film industries?

"Their budgets are big and technically they are much more advanced where special effects are concerned. For instance, a Disney film like 'The Jungle Book'... everything was done on a computer. Besides, they prep a lot. We (Indian film industry) are also picking up," he said.


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abhicreative12 8 years ago Very awesome song..!!!! These songs are having very nice emotional touch and very superb music tooo!!!
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cazwhyso 9 years ago I love every song from this movie. Tbh, I focussed all my attention on Tum Hi Ho & Hum Mar Jayenge and pretty much dismissed the other songs! This article has reminded me of the vast number of other songs there were, so I really must listen to the entire album again! Thanks!
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MJHTMonayaSajan 9 years ago Music should get 5.5/5 :D :D
Sun raha hai na tu is too good...
I am unable to understand why this reviewer is incapable to understand music????????And why IF would hire him/her for music review??????
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g00800 9 years ago The music is awesome. If has reviewed the music as they are expert in music. Get a life peeps. These songs will be remembered for years, take it from me. Tum Hi Ho, Sun Raha Hai, Chaahun Mein Yaa, Bhula Dena, Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi, Piya Aaye Na, Hum Mar Jaayenge r just amazing. Wowww
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AbhiLovesShreya 9 years ago Shreya Ghoshal sunn raha hai is a great song.
Keep rocking Di with your mesmerising voice.
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nav_bat 9 years ago No ways. :O

The music is commendable. :O

Tum Hi Hu and Sun Raha Hun Main is way to awesome to describe.
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-purnima- 9 years ago Sun raha hai tu is good soothing to hear Smile
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Holla1 9 years ago The music is awesome! Why 2.5? The reviewers need to stop comparing it to Aashiqui 1...just take it as a new movie, with some common aspects in both.

& just read this same review on another website...does IF just take other reviewers review and copy it?

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RamanIshita 9 years ago LOL 2.5 stars? Who cares what a random "reviewer" thinks about the album. It's a super hit with the public and that's all that matters. The majority has given it their 5 stars.

Both the old and new movies have amazing music, lyrics and singers.
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crackerszone 9 years ago I am in love wid da "Tum hi ho" song...I am listening to it right now...da tune is so soothing and specially it comes wid meaningful lyrics...sth dats rare fr songs of 2013 :/2013-04-11 12:13:38
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