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13 Shows & Films To Look Out For Streaming in February on Leading Platforms

Shows from leading digital platforms like Alt Balaji, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Netflix, and others.


One would think that considering this year's February month is longer than usual owing to leap year - thus meaning we would have a barrage of content to look forward to. And while we certainly do, not much of it is too exciting except a couple of projects specifically. Nevertheless, here is a guide of shows and films to look forward to in February on leading streaming platforms.



When: 14th February

Lovingly (not exactly) known as Munna from Mirzapur, Divyendu gets his own web film where he plays the titular role as he plays a common man in a story that is set in India in 1976 when sterilization drive was forced upon individuals. In spite of its matter, the treatment is comic.

Operation Parindey

When: 28th February

Web favorite Amit Sadh stars in the leading role in this original film which is an action thriller focused on a high-stakes jailbreak coming from Dhoom and Dhoom 2 director, Sanjay Gadhvi.


Visible: Out on Television

When: 14th February

This documentary series features some of the biggest names in the form of Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Lena Waithe among many more in interviews combining with archival footage investigating how the LGBTQ movement has shaped television.


Class of 2020

When: 4th February

The second installment in the 'Class of..' series, Class of 2020 seems a rehash of Class of 2017 and while there are similar shows already available to watch on the same platform and other platforms too, its loyal audience may be looking forward to the same.

It Happened in Calcutta

When: 29th February

Taking advantage of the leap year extra-day, the show that is set in the 70s in Kolkatta, the show is a love story about a girl falling in love with the handsome medical student in the medical college. The show will be cross-streaming on Zee 5 too.


Kidding Season 2

When: 10th February

The Jim Carrey led sweet, kind and loved series makes a return with a new season and pretty much anything Carrey does deserve a watch anyway.

Homeland Season 8 (The Final Season)

When: 10th February

It is finally ending after having a glorious run of eight seasons as Claire Danes aka Carrie Mathison embarks on her last mission landing up in Afghanistan to negotiate for peace till things get crazier in the end.



When: 7th February

After a slight delay, the Gulshan Devaiah led black comedy Afsos is finally releasing on the streamer soon. A story about a suicidal man and a psychopath encountering the world of immortality sounds as interesting as things can be.


When: 21st February

The legend himself, Al Pacino is making his TV debut and he is leading a team of Nazi hunters. Come on, I don't think I need to allure you more into watching this series, Oh, just in case you weren't, How I Met Your Mother fame Josh Radnor also stars in the series.

Life Is Good (Ashish Shakya Comedy Special)

When: 7th February

It is barely till a few days ago, I got over how amazing AIB fame, Rohan Joshi's comedy special, Wake N' Bake was on Amazon Prime Video. And now, fellow and former AIB colleague, Shakya is coming in with his own special exploring youth madness, stepmoms, Bollywood, romance and a lot more.


Taj Mahal 1989

When: TBD

Jamtara last month was one of the few Netflix Indian originals that gained decent critical acclaim as opposed to the range of other shows that were receiving a lot of flak. The same production house is now collaborating with the streamer again for Taj Mahal 1989 which is set to star Neeraj Kabi and Geetanjali Kulkarni among others.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2

When: 13th February

The Narcos world continues as the spin-off of Narcos, after receiving a lot of acclaim and success is coming back with a new season with a returning Diego LUna as the ruthless Mexican drug lord, Felix Gallardo.

Amit Tandon: Family Tandoncies

When: TBD

Only the third comedian from India to have his own comedy special on Netflix, Tandon is a part of Netflix's ambitious 2019 comedian line-up.

Which show or film are you looking forward to the most? Leave in your comments below.

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