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10 ingredients that go into making the Television Baa/Ammaji/Sasuma/Maa!

Television Shows are often tagged as Saas-Bahu dramas...

Published: Wednesday,Aug 19, 2015 21:52 PM GMT-06:00
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Television Shows are often tagged as Saas-Bahu dramas. And yes! They are incomplete without the perfect Saas! Not just the Mother-in-laws but also the mothers and grandmothers have an important role in creating the never ending battle with the Bahu. Here are 10 powers that every one of these ladies is bestowed upon!

1.       Unsatisfactory Mindset.

They are never satisfied with anything unless it is something to do with the success of their Beta. They are mildly satisfied when their evil plan goes as planned, which is rare!


2.       Orthodox thought process.

Haayee!!! Apshagun! If at all the diya extinguishes it is definitely a sign of bad luck. Even though the Diya might have run out of oil or maybe someone switched on the fan, Diya extinguishing is Bad Luck!


3.       CCTV vision.

They are constantly on a lookout for future son in laws and future Bahus. Family functions are like paradise for them as they have so many options to choose from!


4.       The power to poke their nose in everything!

Relationship problems, impotency, adoption, money matters and even Business! They have to interfere in everything! Because apparently they are experts in every field and probably have home remedies for all of them!


5.       Dictatorship.

Some of these ladies are dictators! Whatever needs to be done will be done as per their wish only.

6.       Knowledge about all the house conspiracies.

No matter how hard you try to keep a secret, they will hunt you down and find out about all the secrets and plans that you have been hiding from them!


7.       A wide range of contacts!

They have contacts everywhere! They know doctors, politicians, government officials and even gangsters! In case they need to get someone killed!


8.       No one can stand up against them.

Since they are dictators they have a loyal band of followers. They will oppose everything you plan on doing and the followers will threaten you to follow them or leave the house!


9.       Forever negative attitude.

For them even the simplest mistake like dropping a teacup is a sin! They will insult and humiliate you at every given chance!


10.   Immortality!

This feature comes in stock with most of these ladies. They never die! Even when the fans are desperately waiting for them to die. They keep becoming more powerful with time!

Which one of these do you hate the most? Comment below!


Atharva Lobo

Na Aana Is Desh Laado  Doli Armaanon Ki  Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi  Piya Rangrezz  Balika Vadhu  Swaragini  Suhani Si Ek Ladki  Saath Nibhana Saathiya  Mere Angne Mein 

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Az07 @Az07 8 years ago If we see the top shows in TRPs we get to see these show who has these kind of characters. Trp chart is the mockery of our intelligence. These kind of characters pull drama & audience are after it. Ban trps these kind of characters too will not be seen eventually
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SUSI @Susi_sneha_fan 8 years ago yes yes they never die
you can not cook a round roti epic lol
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Roshini Mathews @RoshiniManeet 8 years ago But arent these some of hte show that fetch the highest TRPs while good progressive shows without such great characters get shut down like Manmarziyan...So its an irony that we mock these characters and these shows while we are the ones contributing high TRPs to such nonsense.
Reply thumbs-up 8 thumbs-down
CatcherInTheRye @CatcherInTheRye 8 years ago Buahahaha..dun know they ll die or not but i died laughing...haha
Amazing take...they are so unique...and soaps cant run without them...emosnal atyachaar...LOL
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cygnet9 @cygnet9 8 years ago I love your write-up and so the show is going on despite of all this, and amusingly these ladies have huge fans. Jai ho Indian daily soaps ki
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shireen sukhan @shinseen 8 years ago all are out of world
they live in CREATIVE mind
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