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B.Sobti_84 2019-04-12T02:04:20Z BARUN SOBTI,, You are so damn handsome and most beautiful actor in the world Love you so much///*-

_madhurika_ 2019-04-09T15:58:27Z Barun Sobti you're the best actor, love you my star
Samar121 2019-04-05T22:38:16Z BARUN SOBTI...we are missing you like hell baby and we wish you all the success and happiness in your life..
Shamia001 2019-03-31T00:41:15Z BARUN SOBTI,,I will Follow you always and Forever in all your roles and movies.. I miss you/
Noor55 2019-03-31T00:38:14Z BARUN SOBTI,,, my star, my joy, my love, I wish you many wonderful projects worthy of your incredible Talent.\-=
B.Sobti_08 2019-03-19T05:22:56Z BARUN SOBTI,, So cute and very handsome actor in the world not only in India \=
salmabarun 2019-03-10T00:21:35Z BARUN SOBTI.. you are my Hero. I admire your amazing talent and your beautiful heart,,""
Niki_NS 2019-03-03T15:13:45Z Barun Sobti - wonderful talented actor! His works are magnificent, his characters are amazing *-
HOBASOBTI16 2019-02-27T22:04:15Z Barun Sobti my beautiful sun, I dream to see your new works soon with new talented actresses. Good luck, my favorite actor!
HOBABARUN21 2019-02-27T21:59:25Z Barun Sobti-wonderful, the most talented actor of our time! His works are great, his characters are amazing!!
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