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coolaaryan 1 years ago Let the beauty we love be what we do. Kratika Sengar, keep smiling.
KSphilia 2 years ago For better for worse, in sickness and in health till death do Kratika Sengar and Nikitin Dheer as part.
awgclove 2 years ago Live so much that when the time comes, even the undertaker will be sorry. Have a great time always Kratika Sengar.
sad_vivace 2 years ago I wish you continuous dreaming, planning and achieving your biggest dreams; may you find fulfilment in your endeavour. Happy Birthday Kratika Sengar
sofi15 2 years ago Couple goals not to mention power team up between Kratika Sengar and Nikitin Dheer, the best!
computerfan 2 years ago May Kratika Sengar and husband have a happy and prosperous marrigae with heaven's blanket of protection above and around them.
ikerban 2 years ago Blessed be the hearts that love and and feed on love alone. All the best to Kratika Sengar and Nikitin Dheer.
KSphilia 2 years ago Kratika Sengar and Nikitin Dheer, i wish you a long and happy life. Stay blessed.
-MajieDei- 2 years ago Kratika Sengar, you walk through life much easier with a smile on your face.
TwitterDeewani 2 years ago this has got to be my favorite wedding photo of Kratika Sengar and Nikitin Dheer, very light and playful mood.
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