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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by ShvetaSankar

Oh really! Naanum thamizh dhaan..


Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by yrhpk_aus

Naanum tamizhan thaansmiley31smiley4

#nanben dasmiley36

Super smiley31

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by LetThereBeLight

Pali i watched the precap many time just for this its not a scorpio yaar it looked like some decor only smiley36

Arre I know yaar... it looked like a scorpion in one glance smiley36

ITV soap watcher's overactive brain which has seen villains scheming up like this and beyond can imagine scorpion in place of decorations smiley36 

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Originally posted by kin8

Ya Kartik used to hate his dad and step mom so he told his parents to stay away from his wedding (first wedding lol) and because of his parents he decided to move out right after wedding even though naira didn’t want to. Kaira lived alone for few days and I think those were the happiest time in their life. But later due to some situations, Kartik had change of heart and Kaira decided to move back with his family. And ever since then Kaira got trapped in separation/divorce/re-marriage cycle😳😳

So I hope Mishti has learned something from her cousin Naira’s life and don’t move back to RV house. LOL

Originally posted by kin8

I just remembered that in parent show even Varsha and saurya lived separately for a while away from Mahs house because of some misunderstanding. Naitik and Akshara also lived separately (they lived in same house but divided the kitchen in half lol).
So ladies don’t worry, knowing dkp’s obsession with recycling tracks we are definitely getting Mishbir house with lots of Mishbir moments. 

Chalo good to know! DKP supports couples living alone... even if for a few days smiley20

Hope they show those few reel days translate into few real months smiley36

@bold chances of Mishti learning anything from Naira, or from her past experiences with her dragon saas are minimal... still fingers crossed! Kahnaji Mishti ko sadbuddhi de!

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by yrhpk_aus

They surely will! the makers and abir are giving all the hints and confirmationsmiley36smiley31

bonus: they skipped godhana smiley36smiley41 = meaning shaadi can't break this timesmiley36

oh sure! So many episodes are worth watchingsmiley32 Can't remember the number, but I can get the date. smiley1

I'm not sure which one you last saw...but I'll start from nishmish sangeet

-If you haven't, do watch Abir vs Meenu fight in Jan 16th epismiley32

- Jan17th for mishbir flashbacksmiley42 and a long overdue mishbir heart-to-heart alone real convosmiley27

-Jan20th: watch the entire episode; everything was bang onsmiley32 Abir's hoshiyaar skills, Kunal-Parul gradual bond, Abir-Parul open convo, and Abir-Nishant lakeside bantersmiley20

-Jan21st: worth watching whole epismiley1: Mishti's mehendi dream - Abir's swag entry, then Abir-BM emotional momentetc.

-Jan22nd: Top class performance by Rhea and Shahsmiley32 Super emotional. Worth watching for Kunal becoming real Nanko supporting Abir n Mishtismiley42

-Jan 23rd: Abir's shayarismiley27 Abir1.0 defending Mish in publicsmiley20

-Friday JAN 24th: I won't say too much for this one. just worth watching 2nd-half, for MISHBIR FRIDAY SPECIALsmiley27smiley42

-Jan 27th: Again a beautiful mishbir episode! must watch for Rhea and Shah's angsty performancesmiley27

-Jan28th: Only watch Mishbir emotional mutual break-up scene. Another talented performancesmiley32

-jan 29th: *Episode take a filmy cinematic theme* Very thrilling and cinematic direction smiley20

-Jan30th: BM and Mishti convo is the best partsmiley20 and Nishant's monologues are good.

- Friday Jan 31st: no mishbir scene. But definitely watch for BM outstanding speechsmiley32 Full on filmy entertaining episode! Goose chase searching for Abirsmiley37

-Feb3rd: Mishbir milan hug!smiley27just beautifulsmiley42

-Feb4th: All family drama but Mishbir's love prevailssmiley27

hope this helpssmiley31

Thank you dear..... I am going to watch all this now.... 

I watched yday ka episode at 10pm.... It was good

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by LetThereBeLight

aww we are happy too dear do join in AT too its been so long smiley31 watch it from last week dear its good actually worth it.. smiley1 mishbir bhaag ki shaadi maansi most probably by next week on valentines day smiley36

Looking at all this going on I too feel that it vl be baagke shaadi by Mishbir

Sanjeev Seth Rupal Patel Shaheer Sheikh Rhea Sharma

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