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Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by Stark_Wolf

Ekta won't do this unless someone is twisting her hand... already she is losing money on JMH, now by postponing JJ she will lose whatever money that movie will collect too.. As a shrewd business women that she is, it's someone else pressure.. It's sure shot disaster for her from every side

And back to the big question...who is supporting Kangana behind the scenes? There must be some nepotism involved for her to have one disaster after another coupled with the emotional abuse she inflicts on producers and directors and still get movies.

Poor JJ, Ekta eager to clash a crap film with S30 ran away from clashing JJ with and now giving it a 6 day release. Why release it at all if you care so little or think so little of it? Should have sent it directly to digital and saved all that money on promotions and prints. 

Could Ekta/distributors already have some contract with exhibitors that would force them to show a Balaji film ( Judgementall Hai Kya the only option ) on Aug 2 ? Otherwise, with current trends it’s going to lose screens so how will moving JJ help JHK anyway? 

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Originally posted by IAmLuvBolly

Except for the first day headlines and brouhaha everything else about Kangana kind of bores me.  There is too much drama and since I didn’t keep up from day one I get lost easily if I try to join in now 😂.  

Thanks for the link though.  I have an idea now.  And since Kangana and Ekta made this mess maybe he can help clean it up now 🤷🏻‍♀️

He is trying to help JHK get a hit tag by hook or by crook. Ekta is a strong minded business lady I'm surprised she is ready to sacrifice Jabariya Jodi just so that JHK can get some more steam at the box office. Highly doubt Kangana is a close pal of her for her to take such a descion due to their personal equation. The only plausible reason is she is getting orders from a power above her that someone else financed the movie. 

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Posted: 7 months ago

Damn it, poor Sid! His chance at finally potentially displaying his acting chops have been quashed to accomodate you-know-who ☹️

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Posted: 7 months ago

So Jabariya sacrificed at the altar of Judgemental...smiley36 KJo must be fuming at Ekta ...

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Parineeti Chopra Sidharth Malhotra Jabariya Jodi 

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