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Hello Arshian, 

Just sharing my views on this show keeping the current events in mind.. Obviously, I can’t speak for the majority of the trp viewers.. 

I feel Kainaat as a character is done and dusted. Saroon have United. The Inkaar se Ikraar ka safar of theirs is complete. What was promoted is finished.. her so called psycho like scenes do not add value to the show. Some lame vampgiri is what she is getting. all her attempts only fail.. so clearly her exposure is also going to be boring with her current characteristics.. generally a vamp exposure in any show is interesting cuz the vamp is powerful , winning and the lead has to defeat her. Here till now, kainaat’s all plans only fail!! 

The family dynamics.. the family history.. inheritance feud is what holds my interest now. I see potential in almost all the supporting characters, if the writers explore, that is.. saroon story will have to be intertwined with all this and they will survive.. 

How right you are, lonelythots. The TRP audiences aren't showing interest in this show. The main story arc is very cliched. The makers are trying to balance SaRoon and the family dynamics but I feel they are tipping more to the SaRoon side of things and keeping Kainat as the black shadow that will forever follow them. They are the main 3 leads so focusing on these 3 makes sense. I'm afraid the family dynamics will always play second fiddle. 

The story is becoming less intriguing day by day and makers are running out of options. Considering how the story is progressing, the writers have 3 main story plots to win TRP:

1) SaRoon accept each other: This was the main premise of the show and they got here way too quickly without giving any substance to their love. TRP audiences have rejected this. 

2) Kainat exposure: A promo of Kainat getting exposed and punished may intrigue viewers. TRP audiences do like it when villains get punished. 

3) The inheritance: Maybe TRP audiences would like some friction between family members. They may not be SaRoon fans but they may enjoy some fights between family. Its pretty obvious Zaroon will get the inheritance as he is the lead but it all depends on how the makers show this. 

I am putting my money on #2. Villains getting their due is a great TRP booster so lets see if the makers continue to drag and lose more viewers or actually get on with the story. 

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