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Superb teaser di
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Anika make learn geet modern  things  maan watn geet if she disobeyed  him he will nt spare her wy he is making her scared is maan love geet
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Amazing. It was good. Liked the way he cares for her
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I Own You
Part. 23.

Next morning Maan woke up and then kissing on her forehead he left to gym after getting fresh, then after few minutes Geet woke up as she did she immediately get ready also set Maan clothes as she did Maan enter in the room as look at him and give him smile but he move towards her then kissing he said her.

M. Good morning Jaan (Geet lower her eyes listening Jaan from his mouth and said him still lowering her eyes.

G. Good morning Jii (Maan smile at her shyness then he said her.

M. Ok Geet Anika told you how to simple thing so today you try to get ready by that (she nodded her but still she fell nervous, Maan saw her like this he said her) Geet until you will not try that how will you know how to do so now go and get ready properly till then I get fresh (Geet look at him and said him.

G. Jii (Maan left to get fresh after listening her simple word Jii which she always say. As he left Geet went to dressing area where she start to get ready after remembering what Anika told her how to get ready. 

After few minutes Geet got ready after doing simple makeup but still she fell it's not good and maan will be angry on her as she didn't did in right way and she kept siting like this and thinking about her punishment that Maan will give and it make her more scare. Maan who come out after getting ready but when look at Geet his breath stop as she was looking really beautiful in simple make up and kept moving towards her where when Geet saw Maan reflection in mirror she lower her eyes also look down felling nervous. Maan make her stand then make her turn towards him also making her look at him, he said.

M. You are looking really beautiful and I want to skip the office and love you until you fell unconscious (listening to him she lower her eyes also her heart beat was high but she moan when he touch her bud tightly as she moan Maan held her from her hairs and start to kiss on her lips and she equally respond him and he left her when she was out of breath then he said her) so now you will be daily get ready like this (she nodded her head while lowering her eyes then he said) come let have breakfast then I have to go to office also you know other things (Geet look at him and said him.

G. Jii I know that Anika Jii will be coming and with her there will another girl who make me learn and guide so that it will help me in study (Maan smile listening to her then said her.

M. Good come now let's go (then holding her they went down where they had breakfast also that Maan left to office not before kissing her, now she was free till then Anika come so she start to play with her sweeto who she was missing. 

Later Anika come with another lady who start to make Geet study and Geet did the way she said, Anika also help her and she was happy that Geet got ready today by herself. 2 weeks went like this where Geet was getting tuition from Anika and that lady and now Anika said her.

An. So now you are perfectly ready Mrs. Khurana (Geet give her small smile then said her.

G. Thank you Mrs. Oberoi (Anika and another lady went away now Geet was little sad that seeing them going away but she know they were here for work and when their work is finished so they had to go then to divert herself she went to take rest as she was felling tired.

Geet after tasking rest she got busy in sweeto, till then Maan come where they both get fresh and had dinner, later in night room was agin filled with their moans as from the day she turn 18 Maan didn't left her and daily night he love her but his love was not soft it will be hard love and now she become habitual of his love also there is not any part of her body which haven't turn red but still he kept loving her and she being his sweet and shy wife she never stop him then pulling her closer he said her.

M. Geet get ready tomorrow at 7 we have to go to party and there people will know that you are Mrs. MSK ok (Geet look at him then giving him small smile she said.

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G. Jii I will be ready (Maan smile at her and also felt happy that she do what ever he say and it has been one month to their marriage and he know she is his puppet whom he can do anything also he always felt happy or to say proud that he own her and no one can take her away from him and he saw her tired face who was closing her to relax but then he said her.

M. I own you and you are just mine and I can do anything with you mine and just mine (saying this he again start loving her and just held him tightly and let him play with her body as she know he own her and it's his right to what ever with her.

Next all the day Geet was tense that now everyone will know that she is his wife also how can she tell him she is scared as she didn't want to go but she know h will not like if she say that she didn't want to go with him in that party, she didn't know how much time thought this but when her eyes fell on the call and that shows it's going to be 7 her eyes become wide and she thought.

G. O god Geet you are late (then she went to her room there she start getting ready and feeling nervous.

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Enjoy the update 
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nice update
geet learn very thing to face world as mrs. msk but she is very nervous but fear to share it with maan 
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Very nice update... Hope she don't get late.. I don't want maan to punish her.. Waiting for party... 

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