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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

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Originally posted by Ashu25

Imagine Butter beating up shiny ROFL
I think she will try to gobble instead.

I only saw one kid beating in my life that to in railway station.She is very small and like moving hands fastly everytime hitting her father .Few kids are scary.
He is trying make her give shakehand or something again  it hapened whole time I guess she would be less than a year though


Arey.. Some hit you in your face. You cant hit them back. They will have their parents around. You can only SMILE. OuchAngry
yes I was scared of it whole along.
lucky I was in my two arm distance.

But her father was doing same all time though.

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Originally posted by harshita27

Padh liye sab parts... For change I like that II decided to pursue her career duties and that Bhalla clan is in full (or near full) attendance... Bala ko selectively II ki material help chahiye.. Car chahiye, wife ki full salary chahiye, uske paise se renovation karwane hain n I dont think he returned that amt after R&B refused to take that chq/draft... Toh wo paise he could keep araam se??
Shravu ke wo ipad fiasco time pe Bala was right, but am just not getting a very good feel each time Bala shows stupid jealous streak
Curious question: i dont live in delhi, but want to know what would be avg monthly income of Bala+Vandu -in hand... As far as I know, it cant be soo low ki Bala always behaves like nirupa Roy even to buy icecream tub... Just curious! N whats so wrong abt sending his parents to his brother's plc for a couple of weeks? That guy is his real brother na? Fir whats the big deal?? N paise nahi n itni ego ki prb hai,toh DII mei bhi function mat karo, karo apne ghar pe? Why shouldyour in-laws pay for the function..jab Sis-in-law se help nahi leni? N why invite the world n their brothers... Invite close family,get done with it! After all you are judicious with spending!!

I agree Lekin, BALA type people aren't really villain or evil types, their biggest flaw is pride. Selective help lene mein Inka brain unse  kehta hai...le le help she's insisting, she will feel nice, Lekin Baat jahan bare help ki aati hai to brain  kehta hai   Dekha tujhe  apne fukkadd hone ka ehsaas dila rahi hai...and then comes useless ego...self pity and feelings of inadequacy  is not always Rona dhona, it is also in anger, envy and jealousy and this is happenig with BALA. He needs to clear his head and he will be able to see things  very clearly. RbB ka wealthy  and cool attitude is in direct contrast  to his situation. He wants to protect his immediate family from getting influenced by RB nd ishita's  wealthy status and the onmy way he is capable of doing this is by rejecting the help and care. His defence is  saying mean things and  being hurtful...this is very common.  

And now with II not coming, his brain will agiN tell him, dekha she didn't evn come...I am sure she doesn't care...Lekin deep inside lurking in some corner is his sane part of the  brain which m sure will rear its head. 
I agree BALA is no villain kindz... Bas selectively egoistic. N I think since Shravu's open question abt why he cant have things that Nandu has, Bala is critically analyzing II's offerings of help in terms of monetary matters. But if you see you have hurt someone so much that saamnewala will take drastic step, you definitely take some stepsto lessen the problem.. Which bala has not
Posted: 6 years ago
"Do u need a fork?" Amma asked R&B

"No.. Mrs Iyer" (I NEED MY WIFE, he thought)

Our Dude is badly missing Wifey...
Better he records the function otherwise she will eat his ears Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Happy friendship day people!!! 


Swathi GREAT to see you MORE
Swara, Vikas, Hi!
Vikas wrote me a note, I JUST cudnt get to it on timeCry I installed Office 2013 on my work PC and it has been nothing but "easy and wonderful", it completely nuked my Outlook, not to mention drop my connection to the network drives every 10 minsCry I was swallowed by it all of Thursday and Friday

I am sorry

ANU: YAYYY Good to see you.

Ashu:YES, If this story goes on for the next two years, WHO KNOWS Kandippa nadakkum, Lasya beating up Baldie...

Hershey: One more thing about Bala, it would have been very convenient to make him large hearted and wealthy and prudent. Then he would be "content" Inadequacies make great stories... contentment is a good goal for real life not for fictionLOL So lets have him constantly struggle in the middle class chakki
Posted: 6 years ago
Lived everything about the update
Especially dude missing the wife
And kamakshi athai's convo with him

And loved how baldie looked 

Feeling bad that II is going to miss all this
The intensity of it just him me

Loved everything about the bhallas in the house and how they behaved and lasya Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha... How do you plan to get 4 kids for the couple if you are not planning to carry out writing this story for next 2 years... Bachche dont drop from heaven u knowLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
I'll hopefully write again if I end up feeling better in a bit LOL
Have a great day Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

I'll hopefully write again if I end up feeling better in a bit LOL
Have a great day Smile
Not well?? Get well soon

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