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Posted: 7 years ago
Hello Friends,
Admin Vijay shall address the concerns related to this topic at the earliest possible!

In the meantime,

In order for one to qualify for promotion, they need to be active and contribute in term of good healthy discussion, by encouraging fellow member to comment more and not with single liners It doesn't entice of simply spamming to make it more active. Secondly, the candidate's maturity is very important. Sometimes, it's easy to handle a forum when there is no opposition but once sides form (i.e. different fan bases within a forum) it allows us to observe who is an ideal candidate from the way they handle the situations as a member. At the same time, such members should not act as the moral police, as it doesn't guarantee them any position!
Having said that, reality shows are difficult section, hence we are not considering any new members but DTs with experience. Folks, this thread is not about promotion so please stick to the topic instead of taking the situation to your advantage. Please refrain from spamming the thread, as it will hinder the Admin from answering any genuine queries!
Having said that, all promotion related queries can be sent to the higher authorities (if interested) and while promotions are worked on the ideal candidates will be considered!

@ MID issues: Concerns related to MIds will also be worked on in the coming days according to Vijay so let us give him some time. Changes cannot be made over the night so please have patience. The concerns regarding hate PMs by newbies with 0 posts will also be addressed by him!

Friends, this post will remain closed till Vijay comes back to address the remainder of the questions.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Dexterkilaila

Originally posted by vijay

In the event of having received a warning level raise, please contact the DT for any discussion pertaining to the reduction of the warning level. However, the reduction in warning level is incumbent upon the behavior displayed in forums throughout IF over a three month period subsequent to receiving the warning. During this three month period, the member MUST remain active (i.e NO self-ban) and display appropriate forum behavior in order to be considered for a warning level reduction.
We understand that this may be a bit overwhelming to go through, but we sincerely hope for your cooperation as we work towards the betterment of this platform to generate a healthy environment.
India-Forums Development Team

P.S.: Any abusive/derogatory post against anyone will simply be deleted and warning level increased. People MUST express their views or criticism in a civil manner.

I have 20% warning from a moderator Souro since last July. Almost a year has passed. Souro is no longer a moderator. Another 20% WL was given to me by Mandy last August. Almost a year has passed for this one as well. Your rule stipulates that 3 months must pass before WL is reduced. has certainly been more than 3 months. 

I know many other members who are in the same boat. They are all stuck with warning levels given from pre-historic times and/or by moderators who are NO LONGER moderators. Who will remove these?!

Thank you! 

You need to contact the moderator who increased the warning level and if the person is no longer an active moderator you need to contact the CM after the 3 months period is over.

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Posted: 7 years ago

40% Warning Level Limit has been increased from 5 to 15.

Please check: Participation Guidelines & Rules
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