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Posted: 9 years ago
What was the last thing someone shared with you? 
Have you ever heard something that you knew would upset someone close to you, and had to be the one to tell them? 
Who was the last person you had conversation with before going to sleep last night? 
Have you recieved any compliments today? 
Who all have you had a deep conversation with recently? 
What is something awkward that happened to you today? 
Which would you prefer awkward small talk or no conversation at all? 
Do you ever play with any of your pets?
Have you recently cried? 
Who was the last person you gave the middle finger? 
What was the last thing you did that had you laughing at yourself? 
Is there anything that you're holding back on talking about to people? 
Are you on bad terms with anyone right now? 
Have you ever seen karma bite someone in the ass before? 
Is there any crazy situations you got going on in your life? 
Is there any word that really gets on your nerves to hear people say? 
Who is the most outgoing person you know? 
When was the last time you were at a party? 
What other pages do you have open other than this one? 
Is there anything that you wish would happen? 
Do you wish that you could be with someone right now or just to know that you were gonna see someone for definite? 
What was the last thing you asked for?
Is there anything that would make your day tomorrow by happening? 

Posted: 9 years ago
Congrats Janu Di Hug
Should I get a set of questions for u???

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