Yesha Rughani looks back at the year 2023 and calls it a year of self exploration

Yesha Rughani, speaks about how 2023 was a year of self exploration for her.

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Yesha Rughani

Actress Yesha Rughani, a popular name in the entertainment industry, was last seen in the Star Plus show Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey. The actress, in a conversation with us, revealed how 2023 was for me and what she did throughout the year.

The actress says, “To be honest, 2023 was a year full of self-exploration for me. For the past few years, I have been constantly working on one or other project and didn’t get much time to focus on enhancing my creativity and planning out on new things, but this year I got some ‘me’ time which I spent by indulging myself in self-exploration and try my hands at new and interesting things. I do believe that everything holds a special place in our life and so does ‘self-exploration.’”

Further revealing the activities she did in the past year, the actress says, “I learned pottery and spent my time doing painting. I also went on a relaxing and blissful vacation which was much needed for me. Apart from this, I explored myself in a spiritual zone, which surely changed a lot of things in my life in a good way. I feel really happy and satisfied that I got time for these rejuvenating activities.”

Professionally, Yesha made her television debut with Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey and post that she was seen in the show Musakaan and Sony SAB's fantasy series Hero Gayab Mode. She is also popularly known for her role in Star Plus's Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey.

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Yesha Rughani

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Good that she is trying hands in other fields too.

2 months ago

It would be beneficial to make this available on other publication platforms, such as, because I had a great time reading it. It offers the opportunity to publish in many regional Indian languages and connect with a large audience. Its broad reach and ability to deliver content in other languages might help boost readership and expand the book's audience.

3 months ago

Sometimes I feel she should be paired with actors who match her height . Otherwise the difference appears marked in the small screen

3 months ago

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