Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi Sa faints, Poddars to bash Abhira again

In the episode of Star Plus’ show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Dadi Sa will be seen fainting after Rohit goes missing.

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The episode unfolds with Armaan urging Abhira to let go. As he pulls her back, a box tumbles, and its contents shatter. Abhira, tearful, witnesses the scene, leaving everyone in sorrow. Amidst the aftermath, Manish begins picking up the pieces, including Akshu's picture. Abhira, overwhelmed, retreats to her room, prompting Armaan to apologize for any role he played in the situation. Abhira, however, stands her ground, expressing her reluctance to bear the burden of compromised relationships and vowing to find Rohit.

In another scene, tensions rise as Suwarna warns Abhira to stay away from Ruhi. Abhira seeks to talk to Ruhi, and after some encouragement, they are left alone. Abhira questions Ruhi about any issues with Rohit, denying accusations against her. Meanwhile, Manish experiences discomfort and recalls Aarohi and Akshu. Abhira rushes to him, concerned, as he mentions Akshu.

Later, Dadi reflects on the differences between Armaan and Rohit, emphasizing that both sons don't share their problems with their father. Amidst emotional discussions, Abhira rushes to Manish as he experiences distress. Dadi highlights the challenges faced by the Goenka family daughters, drawing parallels between them and Abhira. Abhira reassures Manish and expresses her hope for Ruhi and Rohit's happiness.

Ruhi, struggling with guilt, confides in Suwarna about her feelings towards Rohit. Abhira joins Armaan in investigating Rohit's disappearance, speculating about the means he might have used. The episode concludes with Dadi, emotionally drained, refusing to eat and Armaan expressing sadness.


Armaan tells Abhira he regrets bringing her to their home, leading her to pack her bags and leave.

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That's their fav job

4 months ago

Inka daily schedule ban gaya hai to bash Abhira. Kuch naya lao

4 months ago

Yeh toh roz ka hain Poddars ka, to blast on Abhira. They just find only one person, Abhira to blame here there and everywhere.

4 months ago

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