Year Ender Special: 11 Worst Hindi Films of 2023

Evidently, the list here is longer, but what must be noted is that this one is curated based on films that ranged from expected-to-doom-and-they-did to just being notable enough to be included and only the ones that still had some awareness about them because else, this list would be never-ending.

Worst Hindi Films of 2023

Worst Hindi Films of 2023

What a year it has been for Hindi films! This statement can have multiple emotions attached to it in extreme ways. We talked about the best ones which you can read about here; now we are listing out some of the worst Hindi films of 2023.

Evidently, the list here is longer, but what must be noted is that this one is curated based on films that ranged from expected-to-doom-and-they-did to just being notable enough to be included and only the ones that still had some awareness about them because else, this list would be never-ending. So, without further ado, let's roll with the eleven (one extra for good measure) worst Hindi films of this year-

11. The Great Indian Family

11. The Great Indian Family

At the 11th spot is The Great Indian Family (TGIF). Not that there were much expectations surrounding this one, as everything about it seemed vanilla and mediocre. But the hope was Vicky Kaushal, and while he did his best, TGIF was a dull affair, and director Vijay Krishna Acharya seriously needs to re-analyse his writing and directorial chops.

10. Shehzada

10. Shehzada

Shehzada had quite a good amount of hype going into release, but the biggest negative for the film turned out to be THE factor that was anticipated to be a problem - being a remake. Ala Vaikunthapuramaloo, the original was never an extraordinary film and purely worked on Allu Arjun's screen presence. Unfortunately, Kartik Aaryan couldn't quite imbibe that, and the remake was a sad result, hence it gets the 10th spot here.

9. Selfiee

9. Selfiee

This was the first biggest shock of 2023 when it came to Day 1 box office. An Akshay Kumar-led vehicle with another star like Emraan Hashmi opened to miserable numbers, but that wasn't even the actual problem for Selfiee. Another remake of another ordinary original, Selfiee struggled to show empathy and entertainment and instead was a scattered downer in several ways. The film gets the 9th position on this list.

8. Mission Raniganj

8. Mission Raniganj

Akshay Kumar hasn't had a good two to three years now, and Mission Raniganj is another example. With possibly the worst CGI in a commercial film (Nah, there are worse ones ahead in the list), Mission Raniganj focused on the scale instead of a beating heart, which was essential for a film like this. The film gets the 8th position on our list.

7. Bholaa

7. Bholaa

Oh boy! There was personal disappointment attached to this one. The teaser of Bholaa was one of the best in recent times, but the actual product turned out to be an almost-total disaster. The incredibly loud background score, disjointed screenplay, and bad execution of simpler scenes made up for Bholaa being another unfaithful remake of a brilliant film like Kaithi, and hence, the film gets the 7th spot.

6. Gumraah

6. Gumraah

Aditya Roy Kapur was riding high on the love he received for The Night Manager, but the theatrical release of Gumraah just reminded everyone of how he has miles to go before getting better with his on-screen acting chops. He wasn't the only culprit, though; the film, too, was a total lull and hey, another no-surprise case - this was also a remake (of the Tamil film Thadam). Gumraah achieves the 6th position here.

5. Blind

4. Blind

Actor Sonam Kapoor had been away from the big screen for almost four years since her last solo film, The Zoya Factor. She had a mini-comeback of sorts with Blind this year, but it seemed like she could have waited for a better film to do so. Blind, a remake of the Korean film of the same name, was a bust where the makers and the technicians seemed to have almost no idea what to do with the film and the actors. Blind gets the 5th position on our list.

4. Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

5. Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

If there is one man who defines 'delululu' in the most apt manner - it is Salman Khan. For some reason, the superstar continues to feel that underwhelming, stereotypical, old tropes of what was assumed to work years ago - still will. Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan was one of the funniest films of this year, and not intentionally. Khan in dreadful long locks, laughable dance moves and sheer stupidity with the execution of scenes makes KKBKKJ a film to remember and gets the 4th spot in our list.

3. The Ladykiller

3. The Ladykiller

You aren't the only one if you didn't even know that the Arjun Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar starrer, The Ladykiller arrived in theatres. For a mystery unknown, the film was released absolutely out of nowhere in early November in less than 10 theatres throughout the city; the film itself, too, was such a blah product that people even thought (and you would too if you saw it) that the film was incomplete. Hence, the movie was one of the most unanticipated shockers of this year and hence gets the 3rd spot in our list.

2. Adipurush

2. Adipurush

Where do we even start with this one? It has been such a journey for the film but upon release, it was so clear that Adipurush was another case of misguided conviction of a few people in making a product that was so terribly executed that it will be remembered for the wrong reasons. A stoic and emotionless Prabhas, bad dialogues, bad VFX, failure to the epic and its purity and several more factors made Adipurush one of the worst films of the year and get the 2nd position on our list.

1. Ganapath - A Hero Is Born

1. Ganapath - A Hero Is Born

Whoever greenlit Ganapath - A Hero Is Born was seemingly not in the right mind when doing it. However, an otherwise fine director like Vikas Bahl and the entire behind-the-scenes team also need to be asked as to just what they were thinking and why no one objected when Ganapath was in post-production. A film that insults your intelligence and takes the audiences for granted, the Tiger Shroff-led film was a total trainwreck and hence qualifies to be the worst notable Hindi film of this year.

That's our list. Agree with our list or feel we have missed out on a few names? Let us know in the comments below.

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27 days ago

I liked Shehzada. But for me Salman's movie KKBKKJ shuld be no.1 of worst movie 2023. Some movies on this list are that bad, TYFC should be in this list.

3 months ago

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