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Yeah Dosti hum nahin chodenge...

.."Chodenge dum magar tera sath na chodengne",this is the song of the moment.Let's meet some of the best off screen Buddies from telly wood on this Friendship Day!

Published: Sunday,Aug 03, 2008 12:39 PM GMT-06:00
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पापान्निवारयति योजयते हिताय
गुह्यानि गूहति गुणान् प्रकटीकरोति।
आपद्गतं च न जहाति ददाति काले
सन्मित्रलक्षणमिदं प्रवदन्ति सन्ताः॥
He restrains his friend from committing sins, induces his friend to do good deeds,
Conceals the unseemly secrets of his friend, projecting [only] his good qualities to others,
He does not desert his friend in difficulties, but gives timely assistance
These are the characteristics of a True Friend, as described by saints.

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Friendship Day is the perfect day to show your friends how much you care. Friends are treasures that very few people possess and they occupy a very special part in our life, something that cannot be compromised upon. They can put a smile on our face when we are feeling low and downtrodden, listen to your deepest fears and console you and most importantly, are there for you when you need them the most.

Let's check out on the thick friends in Television and get to know what they've convey to their friends on this day...

Faizal Raza Khan – Ayub Khan:

Describe your Friend :
Faisal Khan:
Ayub is some one from whom I learnt to be patient. He is very calm and systematic. The negative quality of Ayub is that he is a very rash driver. He is very perfect otherwise.
Ayub Khan: Positives of Faizal is that he is extremely talented, respectful, humble, childlike, great fun to be with. But he at times gets sensitive and hot tempered which are his negatives. 

Advice you want to give him/her on this Friendship day:
Faisal Khan
: One advice I would always give him is not to drive his car fast.
Ayub Khan: I would just like to tell him that, he should teach me how to be like him. Also it’s high time we play more cricket, football and volleyball now.


Juhi Parmar – Hussein Kuwajerwala: 

Describe your Friend :
Hussein is very positive. He makes me laugh and is a very nice guy to stay with. I hate him when he has not stood by me. He is too laid back, calm and composed by nature while on the other hand I am like Jhansi Ki Rani.

Hussein: I know her now for the past 6-7 years. I feel the good quality in her is that she is honest and the bad quality is that that she has a bad anger though she is right 95% of times. 
Advice you want to give him/her on this Friendship day:
Juhi: My advice to you is to never hurt friends. Value friendship and don't let your friends go away.
Hussein: I feel that she should just be the way she is and should not change whatever happens.


Sara Khan – Parul Chauhan:

Describe your Friend :
Parul is everything for me now. I love her so much and whatever we do, we are always together. Actually she is the best!! There are so many good qualities in her like her nature; she is a trust worthy person. To be very frank there is no quality in her which I feel is bad but I must say she is an emotional girl. I will tell you that we both are emotional and trust people easily, and then people break our trust!!
Parul : She is my love, my best friend and my life. She is almost like my little sister. The good quality in her is that she can adjust easily with everything. She understands and respects me well. The bad is that she gets upset very fast and but if I make her understand, she does get calm.

Advice you want to give him/her on this Friendship day:
I just want to say, Parul always be the way you are. I love you a lot. You are the best buddy whom I have got in my life.
Parul: I just want to tell her that I am always there with her and may God bless her and she progresses the same way.


Devan Bhojani - J D Majethia:

Describe your Friend :
Devan : First of all I want to say that JD is amongst my four best friends I have, which include Ashish Kapadia, Vipul Shah, Paresh Ganatra. To describe his good qualities, the apt proverb is 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. He is always there for me; he is the person whom I trust. We are friends for past 25 years. I also want to say that he is the best father. Bad qualities if needs to be mentioned, I would say he is little dominating and doesn't share secrets easily. Also I feel that he answers each and every call; you won't believe he will even call back the people who call from customer care or tele-callers and actually give an explanation why he can't take that product or credit card!!(laughs)

J D : He is an inspiring friend and I have learnt from him, how to take care of parents and family on personal level; and on a professional level he gives 200 percent to his work. On a funny side he gives me a complex when he packs his bags; when we go outstation for a holiday. Even when we are on holiday, most of the time he will be opening and closing his bag and we really appreciate him.

Advice you want to give him/her on this Friendship day:
Devan : I just want to say that don't answer all the calls and please try and share a few secrets.

J D : I feel that he should immediately change his answering machine because when you call, its says if you want to reach me please send me a SMS; and you know the best part is that he will reply to that SMS only after 2 days. Please some one put this in his mind that mobile is not a directory or a dairy. The first use of mobile is to communicate, also want to tell him, take care of your health.


Sharad Malhotra – Divyanka Tripathi:

Describe your Friend :
Sharad :
I value her as a friend and have known her for the last 5 years. Our friendship has grown over a period and to tell you frankly, I have very few friends in the industry and she is certainly the closest of them all! She is an amazing actor to work with and an even more amazing person by heart! Over all these years, she has proven to be my best friend and a great support system! The best part about her is that I really respect people who have lot of self respect and are passionate about work, and she is exactly that! About her bad qualities, I can go on and on!! (Kidding) But ya, she gets too stuck up with things and it gets really tough to convince her. Every second day, we get into an argument over a particular scene and she will never try to understand what I am trying to say. She is too stubborn in that aspect.

Divyanka : Sharad goes overboard to help the person whom he is very close to, be it his mom, dad or friends. He is over thoughtful and over helpful. With his friends, he makes them feel on the top of this world. He is very passionate about work and goes through all the lines very well in the script. Coming to negative points, he simply believes people without giving it a thought and they take advantage of him. He is also too stubborn and views things with a technical eye.

Advice you want to give him/her on this Friendship day:
Sharad : The only advice for her is 'Stay the way you are and never change for anyone!'
Divyanka : My advice for him is - Don't get angry for each and everything. People around you are not that bad!! Above all, the only thing I keep telling Sharad is "Eersha ki badi behen ka naam hai Ninda' i.e. Jealousy's elder sister is criticism. So when people criticize you, then it means they are jealous of you!!
Reporters: Binita Ramchandani,Ranjini Nair
Concept & Author : Nishtha
Banner Credit : Shagun
Gif Credit : Anuradha

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_SilentSoul_ 11 years ago I loved the comments of SD, HJ and SP!!! :D <3
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euphoria_Noshin 14 years ago She is a bengali legend. wish her get well soon.
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pallavi25 14 years ago Thanks! Glad to hear Suchitra is recovering! Shes a Living Legend!
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xkokox 14 years ago aww they all seem so sweet

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shruti 14 years ago Loved reading HuJu, SaPa, DeJD and ShDi!!
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mdeena 14 years ago thankksss for the articllee!!
they are all so swweeett!
i loove divya-sharad & hussein- juhi

awww, there was no harshad and additi!!
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Tariii 14 years ago divz and sharad are sooo sweet...hopefully they stay really close friends ... it said sharad believes people too easiily...too bad that doesn't happen in the show :( lol anyways... love you SD
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Mazzy101 14 years ago Thnx!! They are soo sweet!! especially, Hussain and juhi, sara and parul and divya and sharad!!
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sonikudi1 14 years ago thanks
aww Sharard-Div sound soo cute!
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