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#WorldHeartDay: TV actors promise to stay happy and healthy!

Here's what our television celebrities have to say about World Heart Day.


29th September is World Heart Day. Here is how these actors ensure that their heart is healthy.
Ayush Anand: 

I believe it's very important to have a positive mind and a fit body to keep your heart healthy. I am a very positive person in real life who wishes health, wealth, happiness and success for everyone myself, so I don't have to put any effort to keep my mind positive. However, it requires some hard work to keep your body fit as I am not one of those blessed souls who eats anything and gets away with it. I need to exercise for 1 hour a day to keep myself fit. I do a mix of martial arts, weight training, gymnastics and swimming.

Shashank Vyas:

I make sure to be positive and spread positivity around me. I feel that is very important to spread happiness.

Saurabh Pandey:

I do a lot of cardiovascular activities and take natural Vitamin D. I also do 10 to 12 Surya Namaskars for keeping my body healthy and regularly walk. I keep only good fats and avoid junk and oily food. Always laugh, be happy and keep a positive environment around. The way you think affects everything. I try to stick to a light meal during the night and also workout at the gym. I keep 20% empty stomach after meal to keep me from gaining weight and keep the heart healthy.

Jasmin Bhasin:

I think what is most important to keep your heart healthy, is to stay happy and do things which give you peace at heart. So I do things that make me happy like eat my favourite food, meet my friends and don't keep grief in my heart. By having a good and healthy diet and having proper vitamins and exercising, of course, is the most important to keep your heart healthy.

 Sneha Wagh

I make sure to laugh and smile a lot. That is the basis of life. If you are happy, then everything seems possible.  

Ssharad Malhotra

Listen to your heart, follow your heart for keeping it healthy. I keep myself happy and in love but love fizzles sometimes. But I still keep myself motivated like Shah Rukh Khan.

Shivin Narang:

I feel one should be cheerful to keep their heart happy and one must do what the heart says. When you keep your heart happy it remains healthy. One must have few close people in life to share your life with and one must smile daily and regularly. 

Well, what is the mantra that you follow for keeping yourself hale and hearty? 
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