Will Sanju's heroic move be able to save Parineet's life in Colors' 'Parineetii'?

In the upcoming episode of Parineetii, Rakesh kidnaps Parineet, Sanju rescues her, and amid a cave escape, they decide to marry, while Neeti, unaware, releases dam water, testing their love in the chaos.

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In the upcoming week, Rakesh kidnaps Parineet, taking her to a secret place by forcing her to marry him while threatening harm to Sanju if she resists marriage. Simultaneously, Neeti naively rejoiced, thinking that Parineet's marriage would draw Sanju closer to her. However, racing against time, Sanju, with the police, arrived at the hospital seeking clues. Meanwhile, Rakesh's father, realizing the severity of the moment, persuaded Rakesh to abandon his forceful marriage plan and let Parineet go away. 

However, Rakesh, fueled by revenge, ordered his men to end Parineet's life. As Sanju discovered Rakesh's sinister intent, he rescued Parineet but managed to escape her captors. In the meantime, Shera, a key player, caught Parineet and placed her in a cave just as the dam's gates were about to release water. Learning of the impending danger, Sanju rushed to save her. 

Later, in a desperate struggle, both found themselves trapped in the cave and faced adversity; Sanju and Parineet decided to marry in the cave's depths. Unaware of the unfolding drama, Neeti opens the dam water, and the couple tries to escape the perilous situation to save their love prevailing amid the chaos. 

The question remains: Will Sanju and Parineet survive this challenging situation, or will their love story meet a tragic end?

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