Will Akshara continue studies after marriage?

Let's hear what the elder most couple of the Singhania family have to say about this in Star Plus' Yeh Rishta...

Published: Monday,Mar 23, 2009 17:43 PM GMT-06:00
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We recently went to the sets of the top ranked show across channels, Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, produced by Rajan Shahi's Directors Kut to meet the family of Naitik (Karan Mehra) where we had a chat with the boy's Daddaji and Badi Maa.

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We questioned the elder most couple of the Singhania family over their would-be daughter-in-law Akshara's (Hina Khan) eagerness to study further, and Daddaji quipped "Well, after becoming the bahu of the Singhania family, why does Akshara need to go to college or work anywhere?". Badi Maa seemed to echo the same sentiment and said, "We have earned so much that there is no need for our bahu to study further and work later".
So does this mean there will be a clash of ideologies as soon as Akshara steps into the house as their daughter-in-law? "Akshara will be given equal importance in the house and will be treated as the daughter of the house. If she wants to continue with her studies, we won't come in the way. We are not forcing our decision on her, but we will just convey our mindset clearly. It will now be up to her; if she wants to continue her studies she can very well do so. At the end of the day, we cannot hurt her as she is the beti of the house", explain the couple.

"All we wish is a very happy life for both our Naitik and Akshara in future", conclude both with a smile on their faces.

Will Akshara continue with her studies or accept the wishes of her new family? Let's see what happens next!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Harshitipremeer 13 years ago Trps never change its always the same

1.Balika Vadhu
3.Yeh rishta...
It is always the same i mean mostly.Sometimes i feel like the trps are not true-.-
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vijay 13 years ago I do not think there is anything to be upset about this news. And as far as the frequency of the news on the said shows well if a show is doing well in terms of TRP and is shown as #1 and #2 then ofcourse it will be on news more cause more viewers wants to know about it.

And I do trust our TellyBuzz team that they do their best to cover as much they can bring to its viewers.

Incase some of our members feel that we are missing their favorite show then the best way is to drop us an email at tellybuzz (at) india-forums.com.

Vijay Bhatter
Founder, India-Forums.com
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Rania.r 13 years ago yup ksheraya 2002 i agree with u their r quite many other shows to cover.india fourms considr its duty to give an article rlated to bidaii and yrkkh daily.i am dying to know something abt my favourite shows but india fourms consider their duty to inform abt the current tack and trp,s of the thier fav shows.really sad!
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kiron. 13 years ago Im agree with kim02. india-forums is very partial to biddai and yrkkh.
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instantkhichdi 13 years ago @kim02
ha ha ha
u are so funny.
In my opinion, this track is very common. Nothing new...
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Mazzy101 13 years ago sounds interesting, and she does seem a bit interested in her studies coz thy hv shwd her going to college quite a lot. bt all we cn do is wait and see!
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TheRager 13 years ago First of all regarding the issue...is Akshara interested at all in her studies? I mean till now its never been shown she is interested...she seems more interested in thinking who will be her prince charming. In fact she even once falls sick thinking she would be rejected by another guy.
Now coming to coverage I found TB ALWAYS publishing confirmed news. If its on TB you know its true. But I agree with the others that does there have to be an article on RS'' shows every day? Now there are so many channels and so many new shows. Why not give coverage to them? I know RS'' and his team are media friendly. But I cant believe others are completely media unfriendly. So TB team buck up and give coverage to the others too.
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versalli 13 years ago the family seems to be very orthodox...actually both the families...esp these daddaji and bhabi ma and akshara''s mom...they are so irritating...they r jst acting nice by saying akshara can continue studyiung and on the other hand r indirectly pressurizing her not to!! two-faced ppl!
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MohitSanayaFan 13 years ago i dont watch this show regularly but this would be an interesting concept to explore in the show - further studies after marriage.
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Harshitipremeer 13 years ago Do we need arctic/interview just to ask this small question?Why they always find a way to let everyone to know about this shows-.-
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