Why is Urmi traumatized in Doli Armaanon Ki!

A high voltage drama to be seen in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki.

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Zee TV's popular show Doli Armaanon Ki, under Spellbound Productions is captivating the attention of the audience with its twists and turns.

Till now the viewers have witnessed the love and romance brewing between Urmi and Ishaan life who are enjoying their honeymoon whereas, on the other side Samrat (Mohit Malik) is fuming as his plan has failed.

Well, in the upcoming episode, the good time in Urmi's life will fade away. Why? Read to know more -

Our source says, "Urmi and Ishaan will go to the hospital and will be shocked to know that  Shaurya is suffering from cancer. Urmi will be in a trauma and would not be able to bear the shock. But being a responsible husband Ishaan, will take Shaurya's responsibility for the treatment upon him."

How will Urmi cope up?

To know more keep reading this space!

Phalguni Sharma

Neha Marda Mohit Malik Vibhav Roy Doli Armaanon Ki  Zee TV 

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suresh555 6 years ago Can they be anymore sicker? Shame on you ZEE TV. All your serials are twisted and treat women like cr*p
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Biba. 8 years ago I can't wait to watch 2 of my fav actors
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Gewels 8 years ago Is this genuine?! HR best films r with tall lean visually striking women.
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T664269 8 years ago This content is hidden.
shruja 8 years ago wow!! egar to see two talented together on screen!!! loved hritik in jodha akbar n vidya had proved her in her every film specialy dance on 'ami je tomar' in bhul bulaiya and kahani!!
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sarasaheja 8 years ago hope this is true and we will waite for the revelation of the news. hrithik rocks.
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prassy.kavi 8 years ago critisism is allways welcome we dont care about that bcoz we know that hrithik is the best and hope this pair will rock.
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kinsara.npl 9 years ago @nitu_the twisted if you have anyproblem to watch hrithik thenit simple dont watch him. hrithik rocks and he is best as shiva, hope this news will conform.
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sasikinsa 9 years ago if she loose some weight she is perfect for hrithik. love you HR.
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-MariaMars- 9 years ago Woww.. Both my favourite actors coming together.. Can't wait to watch.. Hope this project happens soon
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