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'Who told you that Kasturi is winding up?' - Shubhangi Atre

Shubhangi Atre, Kasturi on TV has a puzzled look on her face hearing reports of Kasturi ending.. Catch the lady in talk...


Shubhangi Atre has come a long way with Kasturi – a story about a middle class girl and her struggle to protect her family’s legacy.

The buzz in the air for a while now, is that Kasturi is all set to wrap up very soon. When asked about this, Shubangi was as puzzled as us, as she replied, “Is it actually going off air? I haven’t got the faintest idea if it is.”

So now that Kasturi is moving on, what is in store for the viewers? “Right now I cannot reveal anything. All I can say is that the script gets very interesting henceforth, and you have to continue watching the serial to find out what happens.”

When asked if Robbie and Kasturi will ever get together, she just smiles sweetly and says, “You should probably ask Ekta ma’am that.”

Well, looks like we can rest the case of the serial ending as of now! Marching ahead, we guess the curious viewers will just have to wait and watch what Ekta Kapoor has in store for them with Kasturi and Robbie in the future…..

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Tanvibabe 12 years ago This content is hidden.
FireSafireFiree 12 years ago omg atlast it is ending, i hop it does, after ronak died it is just so boring, comen who the hell wan this series i am so glad it is endig, ekta u better end this bcs, no one is watching this now
Mitu1228 12 years ago Huh... didnt it just like start? Sorry, but watched little, but then got bored. Y is it enddin?
desi chic
desi chic 12 years ago Thanks, best wishes Shubhangi... Although I'm a RaKa fan, RoKa is charming!

Yuvika_15 12 years ago this show should end, its getting boring!! afta raunak's death kasturi is not the same
JasminBhasinFan 12 years ago Kasturi is 2 sweet!! Keep this beautiful look on your face Shubhangi and all the best for Kasturi!
brainychild92 12 years ago o i guess she means no they are not...(ending up together[anytime soon]) if we have to ask ekta maam
PCRocks 12 years ago thanks for artical and i don't want to that kasturi end that soon
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