What's cookin' between Nandish and Rashmi?

The buzz is that lead actors of Colors and Film Farm’s Uttaran share a special relationship…

The latest buzz in the television industry is that there's more than a casual camaraderie between lead actors Nandish Sandhu and Rashmi Desai of Colors and Film Farm's Uttaran.

According to our source, "The two people gel very well with each other. They spend time together a lot. They have also been seen hanging out with each other even after the shoot!"

When contacted Nandish Sandhu aka Veer says, "We are very close friends. Rashmi is a good buddy. I don't know why people are thinking that we are seeing each other just because we like to spend time with each other. We are very comfortable in each other's company and we share same tastes when it comes to food etc. Many things are common between us. We also share a healthy sense of competition while giving our shots. At times, we also help each other."

When contacted Rashmi Desai aka Tapsya says "Yes, on this I would like to comment that we are more than friends.  But we are not seeing each other. We are giving time for each other. We like each other's company and we usually like to hang around. That's all!"

So we get it, they are more than friends but not lovers…

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (20)

We don't care what you do off screen but Taps please stay away from Veer on screen.

On screen Ichcha-Veer pair rocks!!

14 years ago

i dont care if it nandeesh and rashmi but it should not be veer and tappu, we want icha and veer torether offscrean let him be with any one i dont care because its his personal life and its his wish with whom he wants to be.

14 years ago

This is yucks pair ... they dont look good together ... Nadish looks better with Tina ...

14 years ago

I dont like to see them paired togather either.
The romantic spark in Nandish's eyes (which we see when hez with Tina)is missing.

This doesnt mean that he should be paired with Tina offscreen.

We can see how perfectly the onscreen and offscreen image of Raashmi///Divya matches though

14 years ago

i really like rashmi Nandish both have a lot in common as they are really a freind both are a good are one of best actor and actress

14 years ago

OH is it? wat about karan of Paru hu mai than ? way back rashmi and he was dating ? lol ........... welll on screen or offscreen i dont like this pair .. not that i want tina and nandish together but donno i dont like this odd pair

14 years ago

now only i got real story of uttaran

14 years ago

no wonder y she wants to b paired with him on de show too lol:d

14 years ago


14 years ago

hahaha i guess its pubilicity stund as he was pared to icha and married to tapu as all daily soaps are

14 years ago

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