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WHAATT?? Arjun to SLAP the female lawyer in Sony TV's 'Beyhadh'?

Not a good option when you're the accused one..


Only yesterday, we mentioned about how actress, Vaishnavi Dhanraj will be entering Sony TV's Beyhadh as the prosecutor-lawyer and will make it a point to get Arjun (Kushal Tandon) punished for the apparent crime of killing Maya (Jennifer Winget).

The precap of the previous episode mouths a line about how Arjun has been sentenced already, but there is a lot happening otherwise.

After repeated failing attempts to decode Maya's death mystery, Arjun and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) will feel helpless about the whole situation and things are only going to get worse for the duo, specifically Arjun.

It will so happen that the prosecution will leave no holds barred in making Arjun accept his imagined crime, but things will go out of hand when the former will make cheap allegations about Arjun and Saanjh having an affair.

Not able to take anymore of this slander, Arjun will loose his cool and raise his hand to SLAP the lawyer!

Yes! That's right. Even though, Arjun will not actually slap her, but this would be enough for the lawyer to mark Arjun's fury and violent streak which will make his case even weaker.

This will further be used as a tool by the lawyer on how Arjun berated Maya and also practiced violence on her thus giving the court an indicator of the possibility. Saanjh will try her best to save Arjun, but the efforts will be in vain, as the lawyer will only be strengthened by this act.

And with this happening, Arjun will actually be proven guilty till the major revelation happens that Maya was NOT dead after all!

How is that? You will have to wait and see..

Are you excited for this roller coaster ride of twists and turns? Leave in your comments below.. 


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anjaanichudi 3 years ago Jennifer Winget u just soar higher n higher.
I_LoveYou_Kanha 3 years ago waiting for Maya's come back...Jennifer rocks as Maya!!
VoiceOfHeart 3 years ago Yaha bhi partiality, y female word is used. A lawyer is lawyer irrespective of gender. Wat is use of female word here, is it to show Arjun aurtaun pe haath uthata h.
anjaanichudi 3 years ago Excited only to watch Jennifer Winget's performance.
nilaby 6 years ago What's the problem with Ranveer's clothing
I like it
DaRkPrInCeSs 6 years ago I found just nothing wrong to publish like this!!
girl_sweet22 6 years ago whats wrong with some of their clothing ?
.Boss. 6 years ago Tbh, i see nothing wrong in all these ladies and men. They all look gorgeous! Now, i have an artistic eye and i tend to find art in everything. I would find myself marvelling at every littlest of the things--beauty is everywhere! I don't know what you guys are talking about! Though i am a fan of none of above, but I quite enjoyed their dresses. They all have what most don't--Artistic taste!
cooks09 6 years ago Rani was good except her all had bad dressing.
.FemmeFatale. 6 years ago I actually quite liked Parineeti's and Ranveer's look.

Even Rani infact,apart from the clutch and maybe her hair done in a different way.

All the others,hands down,they sucked! why the hell were they dressd like that?!
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