'Well begun is work half done' Nikhil Madhok

Nikhil Madhok, the corporate brain behind Imagine, talks about their upcoming show Rakth Sambandh…

Nikhil Madhok the Head of Marketing & Communication at Imagine is gung-ho about their latest show Rakth Sambandh. The busy guy takes time out to introduce the show in his own way to us.

Over to Nikhil…

Why as a channel Imagine agreed to air Rakth Sambandh?

When it comes to programming, we have always had a strong niche with reality shows be it Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, Raaz Pichle Janam Ka or Pati Patni Aur Woh. We felt we were lagging when it came to fiction shows despite the fact that we have well endorsed shows like Bandini and Do Hanson Ka Joda on air. We felt the need to introduce a new concept, something that could capture the viewers' interest.

Rakth Sambandh has a huge star cast just like Basera. Did Basera's failure not make you apprehensive?

When a show doesn't connect to people there's no point of hanging on to that. It's wiser to move on to something more meaningful.  And I believe star cast is not the reason for something not to work. How characters come alive due to the story is why it works. I feel a star cast is beneficial to the show if not negative. It elicits curiosity among the people.

What's the story about?

The story is about five sisters, their bonding and how their bond changes (positively or negatively) after they are married into different families.

With such a big star cast, will every actor be justified?

The story revolves around five sisters. Each character is etched out in a different and unique way. Instead, the show has a wide scope due to the huge star cast. Every star is aware of their individual role. So I'm sure they understand their responsibility and role very well.

What is the USP of the show?

At one level this is a story of five sisters' marital relationships and bonding.  The show has tried to capture this universal bonding between sisters and women in general. We are a female focused channel after all. The USP of the show is its storyline. It has never been seen before.

Which element will get prominence in the show, is it humor or romance or social message?

Since the youngest sister is visually impaired through her story, there will a social aspect to this show. But the show will majorly be riding on drama.

Where is the show located?

The show is located in and around Bombay. It's a middle class family. But as and when the story unfolds, it will have specks of aspects from all around the country.

Will the show's protagonist be the youngest sister?

The show will start with the focus on the youngest sister's marriage. That will be the impetus for the show in its initial days.  But as she moves on and settles with her new family the show will start focusing on each of the sisters.

Why such a hard hitting title as Rakth Sambandh?

You noticed it right? I guess, as the proverbial saying goes 'Well begun is work half done'. We wanted a title that would not just kindle the curiosity of people but also give a brief idea of what to expect from the show.  We've got a lot of people asking the same question and we're happy that the title is working in its own way to attract attention without being vague.

When will the show launch and in which time slot?

It will be launched in the second half of July in the prime time slot.

Reporter and Author:Susan Jose

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5 sisters...... this reminds of Kahin toh hoga!!!!

13 years ago

@who am i .. exactly !!it seems like some telugu show ..

13 years ago

Looks like its a remake of UTV Productions Telugu Soap.
The younger if not wrong will be blind and will get married to an impotent.

13 years ago

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