We need to work as one family: Sunny Deol

After delivering a hit with 'Apne', the Deols have decided to become a self-contained film producing concern with elder son Sunny getting again into direction years after 'Dillagi'.

Mumbai, Aug 23 (IANS) After delivering a hit with 'Apne', the Deols have decided to become a self-contained film producing concern with elder son Sunny getting again into direction years after 'Dillagi'.

'We'll be consolidating our company. I'll be directing a film shortly,' Sunny told IANS in an interview.

Eventually, the actor wants his father Dharmendra and brother Bobby to be part of one production house.

'The world is going global, and for us to do so we need to work as one family. So, yes, we Deols want to get together.'

The big brother is quite protective about Bobby. He wants Bobby, who has lately become enormously prolific as an actor, to have the comfort of a home production at his disposal.

'These so-called friends and well-wishers of his who make films with him take him for a ride. But I've understood how these games work. And I don't want him to go through all this.

'Why even in Anil Sharma's 'Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo' Bobby didn't get his dues. I was too busy at that time to look into it. By the time I became aware of Bobby's role, it was too late.'

Sunny has realised family comes first... and last.

'Anil Sharma is planning another film for us. We'll get directors. But we'll produce the films. So we aren't taken for a ride.'

He says his period of tumult and transition is over.

'I'm much calmer now. I realise doing films isn't enough. Both critics and the masses have to love your work. With our family film 'Apne' I think we've got the formula right. It was the kind of film I wanted to see. So that's the kind of films I'd like to make.'

Throwing light on his next family film, Sunny said: ' 'Apne' was an emotional film. Now we'd like to a comedy together. Meanwhile, I'm ready to co-direct a film called 'Man' with Neeraj Pathak.'

Promoting new talent has always been a passion for Sunny.

'I like to work with new talent. While Bobby is only interested in being an actor, I've been involved with everything from editing to screenwriting right from the time of my debut film 'Betaab'.

'But once they become established these people who start off with me move away to what they consider better prospects. But we Deols will continue to nurture new talent. I've many ideas. And I need talent to implement those ideas.'

Sunny wants to make realistic films.

'But still larger-than-life, to go with my image... I see my career as having many curves. Yes, I've made many mistakes, though neglecting my career to look after my brother Bobby isn't one of them. I've been too trusting and emotional. Even now I trust people around me. But I don't have blind faith. I won't spend money on films with my eyes closed.'

Post-'Gadar - Ek Prem Katha' (2001), the actor didn't enjoy much success at the box office. Most of his recent releases like 'Kaafila', 'Naksha' and 'Jo Bole So Nihaal', turned turtle at the box office.

Sunny, who also produced 'Dillagi'(1999), says the mistakes as a producer and as an actor have been a learning experience.

'Life is the biggest teacher. Today I'm very clear about what I want. All people creating cinema around me have to be as disciplined as me. Except Bobby, all of us wake up early and get to work.'

'So far we've all been just doing our work and letting it speak for us. But when we did 'Apne' we Deols decided that it's time we also spoke for our work.'

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