We do not know why did she not get the votes: Samarth Jurel on Ankita Lokhande's shocking eviction

Samarth Jurel, in a conversation with the paparazzi spoke about Ankita Lokhande not lifting the trophy and revealed Isha and Vicky's reaction on the same.

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Ankita Lokhande, celebrated for her portrayal in Zee TV's iconic "Pavitra Rishta," made waves with her participation in Colors TV's "Bigg Boss 17." Despite earning immense popularity among viewers, her unexpected elimination left both her fellow contestants and the audience in disbelief.

Host Salman Khan himself commended Ankita's journey on the show, labeling it as one of the most challenging in all the seasons he has hosted. Reflecting on this, Samarth Jurel, Ankita's former co-contestant, shed light on her stunning eviction. When asked about his reaction to Ankita's departure from the top four race, Samarth expressed, "It was truly surprising. Vicky Bhai and Isha were taken aback, as were all of us. We had anticipated her victory, or at least securing a spot in the top two. It's puzzling why she didn't receive enough votes."

Ankita's own demeanor post-elimination hinted at her dissatisfaction with the outcome, as she chose to skip media interactions following the finale.

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Not surprising at all really.

2 months ago

Everyone got to knw her real face

2 months ago

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