Vodafone Yeh Hai Jalwa goes Wild!!

A mind-blowing wild card round, few hits and misses and a marvelous come-back by the most deserving team... Get an insight on the wild card performances right here on Telly Buzz...

Ardent viewers of Vodafone Yeh Hai Jalwa who had lost heart at seeing their favorite teams being voted out of the show have a reason to rejoice as their favorite stars have another chance to make it back into the show. However, this time, it will not be the audience who makes the decision, but a special jury. And the jury members are ace dancer Shaimak Dawar, evergreen actress Zeenat Amaan and our very own lovable host Ravi Kissen.

The wild card episode will be a treat to all the viewers as they get to see their favorite celebrities sizzle on the stage. Right from Rosa Catalano’s Rangeele Dilwale to Varun Badola’s GuruKool to Rohit Roy’s Phirangi Phatake and Prachi Desai and her Masti Ki Patshaala, from Urvashi Dholakia-Abhishek Awasthi’s Chuppa Rustam to Sharad Malhotra’s Toofani Toli to Shweta Tiwari and her Bahu Ki Behnein to Hussein’s Kal Ke Kalakar, all the teams gave stupendous performances.

While Varun Badola’s team of senior citizens received appreciation for the message of women’s oppression delivered thru their performance, wild card queen and reality show winner, Prachi Desai received flak for a mediocre performance. The dampener of the evening though was the non-performance of Sharad along with his team. Although his team’s performance was outstanding, the judges were quite unhappy that their mentor did not accompany them on stage. In fact, Shaimak opined that Sharad need not have performed, but could have just appeared on stage along with the team in spite of his injury. The judges even contemplated disqualifying his team. But, we give you no points for guessing which team made it back thru’ the wild card.

Yes, it is none other than Hussain and his team. Kal Ke Kalakar gave a stupendous performance that even got Shaimak commenting in hindi saying, 'yeh jalwa nahi, 440 volt ka jhatka tha.' Shaimak was so impressed by Hussain that he compared him to the likes of Shahid Kapoor as a dancer. The show ends with a dual performance by the finalists Rakhi Sawant's Chillar party and Ronit Roy and his Bindaas Bosses.

Catch all the excitement of the Wild Card round in Vodafone Yeh Hai Jalwa on 8th June at 8.00 pm only on 9X.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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Comments (32)

love the title of this article rajputs go gandhian lol

some people have to much time on their hands.

16 years ago

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGgg what 's these ppl r up to ...can be both father n sons name is Akbar ..so what's wrong ...thnks

16 years ago

Does it really matter. People go to see the movie because they want to see a good piece of work not for a history lesson. Besides the director did reference historians and history books, and even though I live in America and didn't really learn much Indian history, when we did go over the Mughal Empire Akbar's wife was Jodhabai. So is history books wrong? I wonder from were these protesters got their info.

16 years ago

oy what bloody nonsense!!!!!!!!!
why can't these ppl give it a rest...?/?
v grew up learning tht jodhabai and akbar were married....why not move for a ban on our history textbooks first????
and really....wht makes this person think that his association is right??? gowariker has consulted many mughal historians.....

16 years ago

Yay! Hussain won!!!! He deserves it!!!
Hussain and Kal ke kalakar ROCK!!!

15 years ago

poor sharad!!!

wonder what these people get for scolding him!!have a heart man!THAT GUY HAS BROKEN HIS LEG!!!

15 years ago

Truly Husein and K3 deserved this... Congratulations and all the best too...

@ dmglovergirl : It repeats on friday, saturday and sometimes on sundays too...

15 years ago

8 june means SPA night??? ain't dere any recap for dis show? if yes den wat tym??

15 years ago

they are deserving candidate.... awesome hussain is back....

15 years ago

Hussain deserved it:),

poor sharad :(

15 years ago

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