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Vishesh films lucky mascot - Emraan Hashmi.

"I am willing to give my job to anyone who is going to accept it." quips actor Emraan Hashmi.

Published: Thursday,Jan 22, 2009 16:31 PM GMT-07:00
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He is popularly known as ‘serial kisser’ and has a good fan following among girls. In year 2008 his movie ‘Jannat’ turned out to be biggest block-buster low-budget film. The movie got a good critical acclaim and this time even Emraan too. Vishesh films lucky mascot ‘Emraan’s forthcoming movie Raaz-the mystery continues is all set to release. Lets see what he has to say about it.

How Raaz-the mystery continues will be different from ‘Raaz – the mystery’

‘Raaz- the mystery’ was made six years back and it was a big hit. We thought of carrying forward this same brand with a different story. This Raaz will be different in terms of story and characters. In our country the initial horror movies usually were based on the concept of ‘reincarnation’ and ‘havelis’ around which the whole story revolved but in this movie we have organized the concept of ‘horror’ in the film. Its not just horror, it has drama, adventure and is based on the fears of an urbane person. It has got new blood in it. The time when ‘Raaz’ was released it was considered urbane but this film will change the format of ‘horror’ films. As it has also got new director too, it will be different.

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Tell us something about your role in the film and what kind of research you did for the same.

In this film I play a painter- ‘an artist’ who is gifted with a unique trait of predicting future. The kind of research I did for this role was I had to read a lot of ‘horror’ novels and see ‘horror’ movies. I also learned painting eventually the paintings were done by professional artists but I have to do a bit for my role in the film. I have also lost few kilos for this role.

Do you personally believe in ghosts and spirits

I won’t say that if I haven’t seen any I don’t believe in them. Though I haven’t there are many who have actually witnessed ghosts and spirits. When we were working on the script we met many people and listened to their experiences also there was a lot of studies on internet for the same. Definitely after knowing real life experiences of so many people I believe in ghosts and spirits.

You have been always playing different kind of roles so how challenging was this role for you

I have been playing dark shade roles but this will be one of the darkest of character. There is a progression and growth in this character and I like to play such real roles.

Do you feel pressurized with ‘Jannat’ being a successful film of yours and a lot is expected from ‘Raaz- the mystery continues.’

Not pressurized exactly, the time when we were writing the script and composing the songs we knew that ‘Raaz’ though it has been released six years before people still have it in their minds and it was a responsibility that we come out with something better than this so that we can cater the current ‘horror’ taste of people. I am very excited about it the way film is made and been shaped up. I can assure that first time in our country we will be viewing ‘visuals’ like this. I have watched horror films before and have never got scared but in this movie I have worked myself and there are many distorting visuals and it’s the right balance of horror, love story and music is great.

You and Kangana had a career progression together. So how was it working with her

‘Gangster’ was my first film with Kangana and working with her at that time it was known that she is a good actress and that is the reason why she is successful today . When we are together in a frame there is particular energy level that helps your performance also. Her working relationship is good; she has given an honest and good performance in the film.

Will you be seen romancing with Kangana as she plays girl friend to Adhyayan in the film

I really can’t reveal right now who is romancing whom. Every track and every relationship in the film is unconventional. Its not a leisure or romantic film of course there is a progression in the characters and yes may be.

This time Adhyayan seems to take away your ‘kissing’ job onscreen. What you have to say about it

I think so and I am so thankful. I am willing to give my job to anyone who is going to accept it.

Still your image is that of a ‘serial kisser’ and you are very much popular among girls. So how you take this image

I never took my career on the basis of my image. I just do good films and roles. My image of ‘serial kisser’ formed in the minds of people and media is because the films that I have done before I have been doing the same thing so I don’t feel anyone responsible for it and if I want to break that image I will have to do more films with no kisses.

Is it because you are married now so you don’t want to continue with that image

 Marriage is not the reason. Its like after a particular age you tend to get mature, your concerns and ideas change. At that time I was young but now I am matured. My perspective of taking up films has changed, now I look for roles with depth and this image of mine of ‘serial kisser’ will break slowly.

You have always been working with Vishesh films. What binds you away from working with other banners.

I have always done films I have believed in. I had offers from big banners but they do not seem to impress me. I have different approach towards the kind of film I want to do. Also everyone has different pattern of working and eventually if I end up doing a big banner film with big film-makers and if I don’t share the kind of idea in kind film making pattern  I don’t think I will be able to enjoy myself. Recently I have start getting the kind of roles I want to play and yes I have done a very few films outside Bhatt camp that is because I didn’t get the offer to portray the kind of roles I want to. I somewhere portray darker shades of human personality and I want to break up from it but right now I find it more fascinating.

In a film where there are two actors do you think it give rise to competition

Well I am not among those actors who compete with their colleagues in the film because in all this the film suffers. Instead if you help each other the film turns out to be better. I have done my role in the movie, Adhyayan has done his role there is no competition as such.

Your forthcoming films

I have ‘Raftaar’ it’s a Percept Picture film, based on journalism and then ‘Tum Mile’ a romantic film with Vishesh films it is based on Mumbai floods.

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