Vindoo wishes to be the 'Real Baddie'...

Vindoo Dara Singh decides to have a bald look in the Bigg Boss house, and reveals that he wants to make it big in movies as a villain...

Vindoo Dara Singh who has been in the limelight the whole of last week for plotting and planning against co-contestants along with Rohit Verma and Raju Shrivastav, has given himself a new look, and will be sporting a bald head from tonight in the Bigg Boss house.

Vindoo feels that he makes for a good villain material in Bollywood, and this is his first step to looking what he wants to be.

According to our source, "Vindoo talked to his friends in the Bigg Boss house to know how he would look in a bald look, and when his co-contestants gave him the nod, he actually went for it!! Taking the help of his so-called friend Kamal Rashid Khan, Vindoo had a full head shave. With all the people in the house liking his new look, he reveals to them that he really has plans to try his luck in Bollywood for a negative role".

Well, who can ever forget the image of Shakaal, played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda stroking his bald head, sitting in his swivel chair, surrounded by swimming sharks seen through the windows or Mola Ram, played by Amrish Puri in Indiana Jones and the temple of doom?

Seeing all this, we really hope that Vindoo has taken the first step to be the 'Real Baddie on the Big Screen'....


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katdhoom 10 years ago Hey guys pls pls pls save vindu sms VIN to 56882
poetic 10 years ago He will definitely make his mark as a baddie
Shaina_b 10 years ago @aadaa

I agree that Dara Singh is a charming man!!!!

Aleena12 10 years ago vindu isnt that bad.. hope he reach to the finale.. rohit is definitely the worse !!!!!
RagMasta 10 years ago He's a true entertainer...he should def win!2009-11-22 12:26:22
so_what 10 years ago all he did was remove his fungus rotten toupe.. krk shd be next
Piasengupta21 10 years ago hE IS so cheap.. big boss male contastants without praves are all very cheap.
Rach. 10 years ago he is ALREADY a villain in the house only...wonder wat made bb creatives to get this vindoo out of nowhere and put him in this house!
radhika_21 12 years ago thanx!
that is so sweet of suniel!
hope the problems in bihar r sorted out soon!
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