Vickram Bhatt Speaks On His Latest Film 1920!

Vickram Bhatt Speaks About His Latest Film Release 1920!

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How did the journey of 1920?

1920 is an idea I had a long time back it was something I always wanted to make, period and a horror film together because there is an exotic value of doing a horror film in period.
Let’s put it this I had more of a sensation in mind than a story and then of course we worked out the story and that’s how the story began.

What the film is about and what can the audience can expect from the film?

The story is about a Hindu boy and Anglo Indian girl. How they go against their family and get married. Then the boy is an architect in 1920 and he has been given a job, there is a huge house on the mountain and he has to break it down and make a hotel there. So they go and stay in the huge house and when they living there they realize the place is haunted and somehow the haunted is related to the girl.

The audience can expect a film that is got great production value, great story and a film which will really scare them. So it’s a film about love, it’s a film about fear. So I think it’s the entertainment and the temptation for the audience.

You are always been known for giving chance to a new comer, so any particular reason why you tend to choose new comer for the lead role in your film ?

No particular reason, it’s just that it’s good sometimes …. Actually I don’t know I go with my instinct.
It’s not that I give a new comer a chance I want to make a film when I want to make a film.

So how has it been working with debutants like Rajneesh Duggal and all?

It was fantastic, they are very very talented.

According to you how is 1920 different from your past film?

I have not made anything like 1920. The story the concept, in every way it is very different.

Known as the king of suspense and thriller films you are once again going back to this genera, with 1920 do you have any preference for like suspense or any other particular genera?

I like film with a little twist and turns.

With the music this time being the high light of your film 1920, you are working with a renounced music director Adnan Sami and voice like Asha Bhosle, Kailash Kher?

For the first time Pandit Jasraj is singing for a movie. The music is great. It’s a combination of classical melody and modern town. It’s like a fusion of a modern track.

We hear that the music with Anubhav Sinha is in pipe line with Vivek Oberoi in kead?

No nothing like that. There is a movie with Anubhav but nothing with Vivek. The movie with Anubhav, we are still working with the script.

What does the crystal ball show in the near future?

I continue making different films continue making new kinds of films making that’s what I m good at.

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