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Vedita Pratap Singh, the latest entrant in Bollywood with Shankar Mondal's 'Shaabash- You can do it!' is best described as an all rounder. This Lucknow girl is a sports person, a dancer, a model, an actor and has been an A- level student too.

She is also producing and acting in a short film for Cannes, which is directed by Suchita Bhatia. The girl has done three music videos and many commercials.

In conversation with Vedita…

What brought you to glamour world?
Actually it all happened by chance. When I won the look of the year contest by one of the leading music channels, I realized that I had some potential. Then I also won 'India's Hottest' contest. I got an ad immediately after that. Rest happened on its own.

Was acting always your dream or did it just happen?
Acting happened by chance but I always knew that I will be able to handle it. I did not do any course for acting but I think theatre was my school. I have done theatre with Mr. Kadar Khan for his stage play Taash ki Patti and travelled different parts of country as well as to Dubai.

How did you bag your first film?
My acting stint with Kadar Khan had given me lot of confidence and experience. This helped me during my auditions for my character in 'Shaabash...' Apart from acting I also learned voice modulation from Kadarji which is very important for being a good actor. It teaches you to inject emotions into your voice. This, Kadarji had personally taught me. Other thing I learnt from Kadarji was dedication for work. Inspite of being very ill he was so prompt for rehearsals and performance. I was just 17-18 at that time and this left a deep impression. I always strive to be professional to the core and respect my work.

What is your character in the movie, and what is so special about movie?
I relate a lot with my character of Gracy. She is a happy go lucky kind of girl. She loves her friends without restrictions and inhibitions but she never puts responsibilities on them to return it. She is fun loving, strong, modern but at same times very much cultured too, just like me.

What kind of movies you are looking forward to? And how do you manage acting with modeling?
I am open not only for films but even for good central roles in television too. As long as they are good roles and I get to perform, it doesn't matter. As a new comer and without Godfather in the industry, choices are limited. I would love to play role like Priyanka did in Aitraaz. Negative, but in a different way. I would love to do glamorous roles too.
Does being a National Level Swimmer help in any way for you to be fit?   
I have started swimming since the age of 3 and still I am doing it.  It's a very important part of my life and I will give total credit to swimming for keeping me healthy and fit.

You were State Level Cricketer also. So are going to promote women's cricket after achieving success?
I would love to; I have played state level so I know what king of problems female cricketers face. I was from Rajasthan and I have seen the careless approach of selector. When I become something I will give them some ideas to work in a proper manner and try to use my influence there because I believe whatever opportunities male Cricketers are getting, if being women cricketer we got, we can do as well as them.

You have done music videos too. What was the experience?
When my first video was to be shot, I was extremely excited. It was very different. Music album was my dream. Hunters, was the first album and I loved doing it. Being on camera is another high for me.

Tell us a little about your short film directed by Suchita Bhatia. Why did you decide to produce it? What is so unique about it?
The entire story has a heavy social message, but more than that it is extremely different. When she told me about the script, it gave me the creeps and made me realize that this can happen 5-6 years later.  Today we have become extremely dependent and attached to gadgets like mobile, Laptop etc. We get irritated when we can't access it or lose it. The girl in this film kills her boyfriend when she loses her laptop. I also produced it, because I wanted to understand the producer's point view, post production etc. I am not just an actor; there is so much to me.

About yourself. What do you enjoy doing?
I love reading historical romances and murder mysteries. John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon, Agatha Christy are my favorites. I love traveling. It gives me break.

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