Urmi to leave Working Women's Hostel in Doli Armaanon Ki!

Doli Armaanon Ki is gearing up with a high intense drama as Urmi will leave Women's hostel because of Samrat.

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Spellbound Productions' popular show Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV is grabbing many eyeballs as the show is currently revolving around egoistic husband Samrat (Mohit Malik) who is trying hard to bring his wife Urmi (Neha Marda) back as he wants to avenge from her. The show is focusing on how a woman has to struggle and stand for herself in the male dominant society.

As seen in the ongoing episodes Urmi is living in a Women's hostel with her son without informing anyone. Thus Samrat is trying hard to find her and get her back in his house. He is playing dirty games to get her back by giving a fake obituary of her grandmother, convinces Urmi's boss to remove her from the job and more. He is trying to create as many obstacles as much he can so that she becomes helpless and comes back to his house. Samrat has finally got to know where Urmi is residing.

Thus now Samrat will hatch another plan for his dearest wife Urmi.

As per the sources, "Samrat will find out all the details about Jhansi Women's hostel where he will come to know that only working women can stay in the hostel without their children and family. Thus here Samrat will play his awful game and will tell everything about Urmi to the warden. This will make warden very furious, she will call Urmi for the confrontation but Urmi herself will leave the hostel along with Shurya and will move to her friend's place to stay.This will hurt Samrat's ego again as he will fail once again get his wife back."

What will be Samrat's next move? Will he be able to get Urmi back?

To know more keep reading the space.

Neha Jain


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luvbbat 6 years ago Urmi should divorce Samrat and also file for Shaurya's custody and Alimony! Heck, get each and every penny from Samrat.
I wish Samrat re-marries and gets a second wife from hell who can not only screw him up but also straighten out his mother. Let's see that happen
stunninstar 6 years ago I hope urmi divorces that samrat.. Women can stay alone as well.. Why she need such a **** husband!!
MasoomaBukhari 6 years ago cool girl urmi.. the way u are struggling will definitely take u to some higher place... Thumbs Up love u neha Heart
stranger.67 6 years ago This drama is sucha joke...
Specially Urmi's family despite of being educated the father acting like a moron!
And they all look stuck up so slow'
CV if your reading this then bring something exciting where it really shows women stading against those kind of man... Stop this cat and mouse game! And stop making Urmi look like a dumbo with no reaction!
latanzia 6 years ago This is the stupidest track ever, why r they dragging this crap.
suresh555 6 years ago Is a 4 year old heading the writing department? Have yet to see such illogical and amateurish serial. All Urmi has to do is call the inspector that promised to help her if the Rat misbehaved again. ZEE Tv apni izzat drain mein daal raha hai.
ukgal62 6 years ago Looking forward to seeing what happens next! Good work guys!
The comment made by surbiholic is not realistic, if Samrat is killed off and Urmi is happy then the show will finish! Lol...
ShaitaanKiKhala 6 years ago oh god now this is too much ...why they are dragging this track so much:'(
i hope samrat kill himself and go to hell
so that urmi can live in peace ;)
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