Uorfi Javed reveals the truth behind her viral waitressing video

Uorfi Javed's waitressing spree transforms into a heartfelt Secret Santa, fundraising for the Cancer Patients Aid Association.

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Uorfi Javed

Uorfi Javed waited tables to raise funds for the Cancer Patients Aid Association. A video of Uorfi Javed waiting tables at a Mumbai restaurant, The Nines, has gone viral since it surfaced on the Internet. While netizens were shocked by the video, the restaurant diners said she was very charming and remembered their orders and even food allergies.

Amidst a lot of speculation, Javed took to Instagram today to share with her followers that she decided to waitress to raise funds for the Cancer Patients Aid Association that she supports. 

The video of her that went viral was captioned: "Dream realized! No job is big or small, it's all about perspective. I wanted to be in the shoes of a waitress for a hours. Thrilled to contribute my earnings to the Cancer Patient Aid Association, and committed to continuing such acts of kindness. @cpaaindia

Special thanx to @suved @theninesmumbai for making this happens and being so generous with the donations ! ❤"


The media sensation and fashion icon also said that she wanted to become a waitress to understand the challenges of the job. Although she has seen diners being rude to the waiting staff, the guests that night were overall kind to her and the staff at the eatery. She took a paycheck and some tips home, which will now be used for supporting cancer patients.

Known to be a trailblazer, Javed's move comes as a surprise to many. She wanted to do something meaningful this Christmas. And this came out as a Secret Santa.️

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