Unveiling the ruthless trade: 'Poacher' series exposes India's largest ivory ring

Poacher’s trailer is out now and it sheds light on India’s largest ivory ring.

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A compelling investigative crime series that unearths the largest ivory poaching ring in Indian history, Poacher is an eight-episode crime drama featuring a talented cast including Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya in pivotal roles

The trailer provides a glimpse into the heartbreaking reality of the merciless and incessant killing of elephants.  

It follows a diverse group of wildlife custodians comprising forest crime fighters, police personnel, and good Samaritans in their relentless quest to expose the largest ivory poaching ring in Indian history. 

But will the silent victims of these criminal acts – the helpless elephants – receive the justice they truly deserve? This question resonates deeply within the core of this thought-provoking crime series. Based on true events, Poacher skillfully sheds light on the consequences of human actions driven by personal gain and greed, thereby emphasizing the potential risks and endangering these species.

 Executive producer Alia Bhatt shared, 

“Being a part of this project is such a source of pride for me and our entire team at Eternal. Poacher is a clarion call to address the grave and heartbreaking issue of animal poaching and illegal wildlife trade. I hope that Richie’s powerful storytelling compels everyone to champion the urgent need for wildlife preservation and encourages us to embrace co-existence with all living beings. I am so happy to have found partners in QC Entertainment and Prime Video to bring this narrative to the world.”


Poacher is produced by Oscar-winning production company QC Entertainment and created, written, and directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Richie Mehta, with Alia Bhatt as Executive Producer of the series

The web series will be available to stream on Prime Video in India and across 240 countries and territories worldwide on February 23, 2024


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