Udaipur to host Rakhi Ka Swayamvar..

Udaipur's 150 year old Fateh Garh Palace will host the royal Swayamvar of Rakhi Sawant which will hit your TV screens very soon on NDTV Imagine..


Over centuries the city of Udaipur has been known for its splendid palaces and timeless tales of love. And guess what! This very city will now provide the perfect backdrop for a contemporary love story, as it now plays host to one of television's most sought after celebrity Swayamvar of Rakhi Sawant.

The gorgeous lady will have a truly royal swayamvar at the incredible and breath-taking 150 year old Fateh Garh Palace, owned by his highness Prince Jitendra Rathore.

Perched on a hill forgotten within the very heart of Udaipur, the Fateh Garh Palace gives a peek into the scenic beauty of the city. With a beautiful Janana courtyard and a garden that provide openness, the spectacular views are an ideal way for the romance to bloom. The roof-top pool side terrace is ideal for a group celebration and is a perfect way to soak in the beautiful natural settings of the Aravalli mountain range surrounding Fateh Garh.

The palace which has been transposed stone-for-stone to create an exact replica of the historical palace that once stood there also boasts of a Dari Kahana lounge used for relaxation. This splendid palace will now be witness to a truly romantic event as Rakhi finds the love of her life.
Till then stay tuned to NDTV Imagine as Rakhi Ka Svayamvar will hit your television screens soon.


Rakhi Sawant Love Story 

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inocentmarry 11 years ago This content is hidden.
d.y. 11 years ago please dont spoil the beauty of this palace by holding this ugly event for an even uglier lady.
ammyridzKAJEN 11 years ago haha!
lolzz wanna c rakhi and LAUGH!
Madiha_20 11 years ago She has done it again **sighs in frustration** but I must say Rakhi sure has guts to go on tv and get married...thus increasing chances of her creating a spectacle of herself...I just want to wish her good luck..and all the best...and i hope the guy she findz (eheemmm) is nicce and they have a happy married life...I'll wait to actualli watch the show before making any more judgements though...;)
FarzuIrani 11 years ago really i do not understand god! what a beautiful and royal place used for such a tacky event

i think the producer earned a lot to waste money on it
Riyadiya 11 years ago This content is hidden.
bips 11 years ago god! what a beautiful and royal place used for such a tacky event.
I find this entire swayamwar so distasteful. Oh! btw there was an article in HT long time back that in the end rakhi might NOT actually get married at all ...
RUSmart 11 years ago They should have taken this programme in the Swat valley where there are quite a few Taliban grooms waiting for her.
suruchi123 11 years ago This content is hidden.
adoremevirgo 11 years ago they were supposed to talk about rakhi sawant here, then who is this gorgeous lady they r talking about?
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