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Udaariyaan: Tejo to accept having an affair with Buzo and leave the Virk House

It looks like a lot is about to play out in Udaariyaan as drama will follow and it calls for an absolute high point in the show.

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Colors show Udariyaan is keeping its audiences glued to the screens with its intense drama. The show has reached one of its high points where Tejo will finally come to know about Jasmin and Fateh's relationship. In fact, she will also expose Jasmin and Fateh in front of whole Virk family.

We already saw how after Tejo confronts Jamsin and Fateh's relationship, Fateh tells Tejo to stop the drama and he tells her that she also cheated on him. He further states that he saw him with Buzo at multiple occasions in malls and markets and Tejo remains stunned.

In the upcoming episode, we will see how Tejo is shocked by hearing this and as she hasd promised Buzo that she will never tell the truth, she remains silent but Khushbir is angry and is about to slap fateh. Tejo stops Khushbir and accepts Fateh's decision. Tejo then thanks ganpatiji for showing her the right path and she blows a shankh and makes alta on a thaal.

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And as has already been shown in the promo, she drags Jasmine into the thaal and makes her walk. Now, she walks out of the house while accidentally stepping into the thaal and the whole family is tensed as Laxmi is going outside of house. 

Watcb out this space to know more about the upcoming track 

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FIREMYSOUL 1 months ago Pls change the title its misleading and do a spell check too.
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ShanUlas 1 months ago How can you give such misleading title ? Tejo did not accept any allegation of Fateh.
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ShanUlas 1 months ago The report has so many spelling mistakes .Please correct them.
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ShanUlas 1 months ago Tejo you go girl . Just leave that disgusting creature called Fateh. He reached a new low. He did not even cross check . In order to justify his extra marital affaire with Jasmin he accused his own wife for an affaire . Wow ! Still he is ML! I am surprised !
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Guneet80 1 months ago Stupid show, now Tejo is also degraded. Just absolutely done with this god awful show
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Fantasyera 1 months ago Why did she accept.....She should have just slapped him and told him it's none of his business and leave.
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