Two fresh faces from Vinod Tharani acting school

The lead of Ranbir Rano and one of the lead girls of Hum Ladkiyaan has been groomed by Vinod Tharani for acting...

The lead of Zee's Ranbir Rano, Vinay Arora and Alka of Sony's Hum Ladkiyaan are the actors who have started to make their mark on television. Very few people know that they belong from Vinod Tharani Acting School.
Currently Vinod essays the role of Kripacharya in Ekta’s Mahabharat and alongside runs his acting institute.

“Every new comer actor needs some polishing before trying his/her hand at acting. Vinod is a fabulous teacher and also encourages us. He explains things in a practical manner and also teaches us the correct ways of voice modulations and many other aspects of acting. Even today I owe every two hours for training,” says Vinay Arora aka Ranbir.

Vinod Tharani has taught acting skills to vivacious actress of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone to the up coming TV stars and Cine stars like Nihar Pandya. “Basically I teach them the body language of the particular character they play, the pattern of speech. I feel proud to see all my students climbing the ladder of success,” remarks the teacher, Vinod Tharani.

Alka of Hum Ladkiyaan states that, “It was a good experience to learn lot of acting skills from Vinod. He is a wonderful teacher and an actor too.”

Well, hope these actors keep the flag of Vinod Tharani Acting School flying high!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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Deepika Padukone

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does anyone else see the similarity between alka and yester year''s deepti naval,does she act as well as her ,remains to be seen!!!

15 years ago

well vijay ji didnt do really good job on Ranbir''s acting skills........ its just my opinion

15 years ago

thnx....both look nice in the article....:)

15 years ago

awww, ranbir looks soo cute in the pic, thanks

15 years ago

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